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The shockingly bad performance of Deeper Truth since I left.

Let's start with the website comparison. Right now, our blog site (which we have been very inconsistent in updating) has almost 500 backlinks and a website authority of 3 out of a possible 10. 10 would be an or something like that. To be honest, those are not great numbers but we are working at it. However, just look what child stalker Don Hartley has done with Deeper Truth. He took a website that once ranked in the top 6 million worldwide and has destroyed it so badly that it doesn't even show up on traffic aggregators. All of Deeper Truth's success is in the past. The website isn't even showing up in their rankings! It is invisible!

So, while we are growing, he has disappeared.

Now let's look at his radio show.

3 days ago, Don Hartley crowed about his show having 211,971 views. This morning, he was at 212,008. That is a difference of 37. That means that he has received 12.33 views per day.

This was a screen shot from 5 weeks ago.

Notice the ticker at 211,487. That is a difference of 521. This translates to 13.7 hits per day.

Not only are child stalker Don Hartley's numbers humiliatingly bad, they are still going down! This clearly shows that his rabid conduct is alienating the very few listeners he has left.

How bad are Hartley's numbers?

Consider that his show is one of the oldest on Blogtalkradio- more than 15 years old! Consider also that he has 2,960 episodes. That is a huge footprint that can't be matched by many blogtalk radio shows.

How is his performance, with all those shows recorded and on the internet?

Let's take the numbers from 5 weeks ago to today.

13.7 hits per day means total traffic. That means current shows and past shows. So, Hartley's performance equates to .0046 hits per show. That's approaching non existent performance.

Hartley's performance per month isn't much better. If we take today's number, it took Deeper Truth, 15 years x 12 months (180 months) to accumulate 212,008 views. That is a lifetime average of 1,177 hits per month. However, Hartley has slowed that to less than 370 per month. That means, if Deeper Truth maintained it's current rate, it would get the next 212,008 in 48 years.

but remember, Hartley is still slowing down!

Now let's look at our numbers.

Over the 1st 3 days of our latest number 1 show, we posted 66 live hits. That's 22 per day which is nearly double what the child stalker has posted. However, we only have 376 shows and we have only existed 13 months while he has existed 180 months and had 2,960 shows.

That means our average of 22 hits per day equals .059. That means that our hit rate is almost 13 x his on a per-show basis. 12.82 to be exact. What's more, we are accelerating while he is falling.

The full picture of our domination of the child stalker is clear.

Currently, we have the number one show in the Christian category. It is our 2nd #1. He has had 0. We have had 16 top 10 shows. The child stalker has had 0.

Those numbers only tell a small part of the story because they only show live hits on blogtalkradio. Thanks to our affiliations with groups lilke the Bible Catholic Network and Catholicism Rocks, we are streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and it has been a boom. TBCN had 4,000 hits it's first week. Lisa Marie Nicole's latest show did nearly 100 on youtube the first day. We have over 500 followers on Twitter and over 1100 on our Facebook group. Catholicism Rocks has over 47,000 and WE are Catholic has almost a million and both have refused membership to the stalker and welcomed us. We have had thousands of views on Youtube and Twitter. In fact, Twitter has grown large enough that we are now allowed to monetize and Youtube allows us to Live stream. The stalker will never get to that level and wouldn't know how to to do it, anyway.

Here is the biggest proof.

  • 5 members left DT to come to us. Nobody has left us to go to them and never will.

  • Thousands of followers have left them and blocked them and come to us. No one has gone to them.

  • Scott Hahn, Karl Keating, Steve Ray, Donna Cori Gibson, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Suan Sonna, E Michael Jones, Dustin Quick, Father Stephen Imbaratto, Father Paul Houlis, Mike Aquilina, David Gray, E Knock, Eric Tafoya, Gary Michuta, Pat Flynn, Dr. John Kilner, Dr. Fred Boley, Faith O'Brien, Dr. Greg Nolan, Jacob Woods, Dr. Kenneth Howell, Stephanie Gray Connors, Tony and Paulette Rock (live from Bethlehem), John Martignoni,Tony Agnessi, Maria Bain, Thomas Gabor, Amy Thomas (the Catholic pilgrim), Avelinna Bilestri, Heather Murphy, Robert Ramos, Kevin Symonds (translator of the ruini report), David Ross and Steve Garone have appeared on our show. None of these heavy hitters have gone on with him.

This petulant child would have you believe he is winning, yet:

  • Nobody will read his articles.

  • Nobody will listen to his shows.

  • Nobody will join him as a member.

  • Nobody will join him as a guest.

and the rankings show us at #1 and him outside the top 20.

All of that would be bad enough but;

  • He has been booted from the Marian association

  • He has been booted from the Knights of Columbus

  • He has been credibly accused by a parish priest and parishners of being a child staker.

So, when you see him attacking me, know you are dealing with a psychopath.


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