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The second silent night

This morning, going through my scroll, I was confronted with the picture you now see. It was posted by my good friend William Hemsworth who we affectionately refer to as Sir William of Hemsworth.

The picture is of the Garden of Gethsemane. The first thing that struck me is the realization that my trip is paid off and, barring any unforeseen events, I will enter it myself some 7 1/2 months from now. The second thing that struck me is the contemplation of what those 2,000 year old trees would say if they could talk.

"We stood here", they might recall, "while the ground in which we are rooted drank up the droplets of sweated blood that fell from the eternity". My guess is they would stand there silent today, even if they could speak. In the soft wind, the echoes softly dying. "Father, if it be possible, take this cup" and "Can you not watch with me one hour?" and, finally, "Would you betray your master with a kiss?".

Roughly 33 and a quarter years before, a tranquil silence enveloped the world as a star illuminated the night sky in Bethlehem. The world waited transfixed as the eternity Himself prepared to animate human flesh. Now that body lies dead in a tomb as the starting tones of a coming symphony begin to rise.

That body is to be brought to life again but this time with a burst of light and power such as earth has never seen- nor will again.

but now we wait.

A solemn, holy, reverent wait.

All the treasure in the world lies perfectly still in a tomb. We stand mesmerized, clutching a candle.


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