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What integrity looks like.

Let's start this story with the team in blue, in the center of your screen. They are the famed University of Connecticut (UCONN) Huskies of women's college basketball. For those not familiar with the sport, they are women's college basketball royalty. Winners of 11 national championships, they once won 111 consecutive games which is an all-time record in all of college sports. One of those 11 national championships was the 35-0 season in 1995 and Rebecca Lobo was a star on that team. Lobo went on to have a great career in the WNBA and was inducted into the women's basketball hall of fame.

By Danny Karwoski - Danny Karwoski emailed me the original which I cropped. Danny has provided blanket permission for me to use any pictures he sends me, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Lobo nows does color commentary on ESPN on women's basketball.

UCONN is the greatest team of all-time but they were arguably going up against the best player of all time. That player is Caitlin Clark of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

All Clark has done is virtually rewrite the NCAA record books, becoming the all-time college basketball leader (men's or women's) in both scoring and assists.

This hasn't set well with many because Clark is a well-raised Catholic kid who doesn't buy into today's woke, narcissistic, hate America ideology. She's not an entitled brat and has gotten to where she is by hard work and dedication and good old fashioned values.

Dawn Staley, the coach of the #1 ranked South Carolina Gamecocks has been one of her detractors. Staley recently stated that Clark can't be considered the greatest of all-time because she doesn't have a championship.

Staley is also on record stating that transgenders should be allowed to compete in women's sports. There is a position that angers most Americans including me.

Staley (left) has coached her team to a 37-0 record and a spot in the national championship game where they will face- you guessed it- Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The controversy is how Clark got there.

While Staley's team dismantled their semi-final opponent, Clark's game came down to this play against those legendary Huskies of UCONN.

This started off a bizarre media firestorm of people claiming Connecticut was robbed. Among those chiming in was non other than NBA great Lebron James.

The problem with their protesting is that the preview photo above, and the replays, clearly show it was a foul. It is a shame that enemies of family values want to create a narrative that Caitlin Clark will play for a national championship only because of a 'bad call'. This is especially true because it wasn't a bad call!

This is where former UCONN star Rebecca Lobo showed her integrity by saying the following:

“Of course it’s tough to see, right, in the moment,” Lobo said Saturday on SportsCenter. “And at an end of a game, you want to see players with a missed shot or a made shot or a defensive stop deciding the game. When you watch the play back, it 100% was a foul. Aaliyah Edwards, not only with the wide base, she was moving. She hits Gabbie Marshall in a way that she can’t recover defensively.
“It’s unfortunate that this game came down to an off-the-ball foul call, but if you had that foul call at any other point in the game, you wouldn’t give it a second thought. You would not question it at all. I understand why people are because of the timing of it, but Jay, this 100% – by the rules of basketball – is an illegal screen. It’s a foul.”

South Carolina has won 37 straight games and they seem invincible going into today's game. That is until you remember that their last loss was to Caitlin Clark and Iowa.

I make no secret about who I am rooting for.

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