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The most absurd day in human history

If you want to understand and practice Christianity, you'd better get used to absurdity. Absurdity, that is, from the world's eyes.

Everything about our faith is paradox to the extreme but nowhere is that more pronounced than on this day- the day we call "Good Friday".

It is hard to imagine that the term would have been appreciated by followers of Jesus, looking up at the gruesome sight of His mangled and bloody body.

It is not really possible for us to conceive how grotesque His murder was and the agony He endured.

Even further from our comprehension is the concept that this is what true love looks like, this is what God's will looks like, this is what victory looks like. Can we even argue against the sad truth that the sheer horror would have been too much to look at? Yet, we call it "Good Friday".

Could anyone there, except His Mother have understood this as good in any way? Surely they could have been forgiven by asking "God, what good could possibly come from this?"

Surely they could be forgiven for thinking the Romans had won or that the Jews who pledged the bloodguilt on themselves and their own children (Matthew 27:25) had won. Perhaps some went even further into despairing that the devil himself had won. Surely, they must of thought "Even God has abandoned Him. He said so Himself!" (Matthew 27:46)

Among those followers, how many would have done anything in their power to stop this horror?

"How could God allow this!?", they must have thought.

Thank You Father for seeing what none of us could possibly have seen. Thank You, Jesus for doing what none of us could possibly have done.

This horrible and awful day is the most blessed day. What You did for me, I can never repay.


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