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The 4 Persons agrees to 2 debates with Aletheia Ministries

Aletheia Ministries is an evangelical ministry based in Kentucky.

Their founder Troy Goldsmith has agreed to debate John Benko, founder of The Four Persons, twice.

The first debate can be seen here live on Friday, March 8th at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

The first debate will be on the foundational protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura (Latin for Scripture Alone).

The Question: Classically defined, Sola Scriptura posits that Scripture is the sole (only) infallible authority for Christian faith and practice. The question at hand is whether or not this doctrine is true. Mr. Goldsmith will argue for the affirmative, John Benko will rebut.

This is not a debate about whether or not the Scriptures are inspired or inerrant because they obviously are. The argument is about sufficiency. Mr. Goldsmith will argue that Scripture is both materially and practically (formally) sufficient to offer the Christian everything he/she needs to be saved and be a complete believer.

The debate format will be as follows:

1. Brief Introduction of the moderator and the participants and the statement of the question.

2. Mr Goldsmith will give an opening statement of up to 10 minutes in affirmation of the question.

3. 5 minute break.

4. John Benko will rebut, up to 5 minutes.

5. John Benko will give his 10 minute open, opposing the question.

6. 5 minute break.

7. Mr. Goldsmith will rebut, up to 5 minutes.

8. The moderator will time and moderate 2- 6 minute cross examinations, starting with Mr. Goldsmith.

9. Closing statements- 5 minutes each.

10. Audience questions if applicable.


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