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Saint of the Day - Saint Walburga (February 25)

You may recall some time ago, I talked about families that were all declared as saints. Saint Walburga comes from one of those families. Her uncle is Saint Boniface of Mainz, the Apostle to Germany (and my Confirmation Saint because of my German heritage). Her father is Saint Richard the Pilgram. Her mother is Saint Wuna. Her brothers are Saint Winebald and Saint Willibald. Saint Walburga was born around the year 710. She was an evangelist, an abbess and a virgin.

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Saint Walburga was born at what is now Devonshire, England. Her father was a minor Saxon King (chieftain). Little is known of her mother, save that she was a sister to Saint Boniface. Saint Walburga was about 11 when her father and brothers left for a pilgrimage to Rome and the Holy Land. Saint Walburga was left at Wimborne Monastery near Dorset, England, a monastery that was known for education and holiness. Her father never returned, dying at Lucca, Italy.

Saint Walburga became a Benedictine nun. All tolled, she lived for 26 years at the convent until her uncle, Saint Boniface, called her to Germany to help him evangelize in the country in 747. She was roughly 37 at the time. Her brothers were also worked to evangelize and establish the faith in Germany. Winebalfd served as an abbot of a double monastery he founded there while Willebald served as Bishop of Eichstätt.

Because ?Saint Walburga was so well-educated, she was able to write about the travels of her brother, Winebald, in the Holy Land. Thus, she was the first female author of both the Saxons and of Germany.

In her life, Saint Walburga was known as a healer and a miracle worker. She is thjuisly known as b both in . Her relics exude a type of oil. Many healings have been attributed to this oil.

Saint Walburga died either on. February 25, 777 out February 25, 779 (the records are not clear). She was first buried at Heidenheim. Her relics were later translated to Eichstätt and placed next to those of her brother, Saint Winebald at Holy Cross Church in Eichstätt. Her relics may have been transferred on May 1 of some year because April 30 is celebrated as "Saint Walburga's Eve" and is a special day in Germany and in England and many other places around Europe.


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