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Saint of the Day - Saint Richard (February 7)

You may recall some time ago when I wrote about Saint Winnebald (, I mentioned that he was a saint that came from an entire family of saints, including both of his parents and his uncle, Saint Boniface of Mainz (my Confirmation Saint). Today is the feast day of Saint Richard, the father of Saint Winnebald and brother-in-law of Saint Boniface (Winfred).

Saint Richard was there father of Saints Winnebald, Winnebald and Walburga. He was married to Saint Wunna. He was the brother-in-law of Saint Boniface. His birthplace may have been Wessex, England. It is said that, when his son, Saint Willibald was gravely ill as a child, Saint Richard's prayers saved his life. He was on pilgrimage to Rome and the Holy Land with his two sons, Saint Willibald and Saint Winnebald, when he took ill at Lucca, Italy. He died there and was buried there. Great miracles were widely reported at his tomb and he was, thus, venerated in and around Lucca. Over time, the locals embellished his story and he was identified as Saint Richard, King of the English. Although may have been King of Kent and related to the royals by blood, he was not THE king of the English. When he left for pilgrimage, Saint Richard gave up his claim to royalty.

Some of his relics were transported to the church in Eichstatt, Germany. His son, Saint Willibald, would become bishop there. Saint Willibald also wrote the biography of Saint Boniface.

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