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Saint of the Day - Saint Julian the Hospitaller (February 12)

Saint Julian the Hospitaller was a Fourth Century saint. We are not sure of the exact dates that he lived, but his feast day is celebrated in February 12.

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Saint Julian was born to wealthy parents in Europe. As the legend goes, Saint Julian was married to a wealthy and noble widow. Sometime after marrying the widow, he was placed under a curse that he would kill his parents. Accordingly, Saint Julian and his wife moved far away in order that Saint Julian might not kill his parents. However, his parents eventually found them and showed up while Saint Julian was away. His wife gave them her bed. When Saint Julian arrived home in the morning, and seeing a couple in the bed that he believed was his wife and another man, he slayed them on the spot. He did not know that these were his parents.

When Saint Julian learned what he had done, he was beyond mortified. He decided to spend the rest of his life in penance for what he had done. As part of their penance, Saint Julian and his wife went on a pilgrimage to Rome where Saint Julian received absolution for killing his parents.

Saint Julian and his wife then returned home where they continued to do penance by creating a hospital for the poor, for travelers and for lepers. This hospital was near a river where travelers crossed ion their way to pilgrimages and the Crusades.

On one occasion, St. Julian put a leper into his own bed. however, that leper was actually on angel who had come to tell Saint Julian that God had forgiven him and granted him absolution for having killed his parents (Saint Gabriel, God's messenger?).

Saint Julian is the patron saint of innkeepers, travelers, boatmen, pilgrims and knights. We celebrate his feast day on February 12 of each year


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