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Saint of the Day - Saint Genevieve of Paris

St. Genevieve was born to a respectable, but possibly poor/peasant family in Nanterre, France around the year 422. She was always a devout girl.

One day, she was seen in a crowd by Saint Germain. Saint Germain foretold her parents of Genevieve's piety and perpetual virginity as well as the sanctity that would engulf her life in the future.

At. Saint Germain's invitation, Saint Genevieve left with Saint Germain whereby she made her vows of piety sand perpetual virginity. Saint Germain gave her a medal with a cross on it to remind her of her vows.

Sher received the religious veil from the Bishop of Paris in her teens. She then lived a devout life of prayer, charity, piety chastity and austerity.

Saint Genevieve came to be known especially for her prophesies and her miracles. She could even read consciences (am I glad I never went to confession with her!).

Genevieve's parents died and she went to live with her grandmother in the City of Paris. Many times, she visited other cities, performing miracles. She got in hot water for this and was being persecuted when Saint Germain came to her rescue. After Saint Germain speaking on behalf of Saint Genevieve, she came to be greatly revered by the people.

One of Saint Genevieve's great miracles was to save Paris from an attack by Attila the Hun. She would again save Paris from famine when she prayed for a shipment of grain to pass through a military blockade of Paris. She prayed for the people of Paris, and the grain miraculously made it through the blockade and saved the City of Paris.

Saint Genevieve is revered as the Patron Saint of Paris, against fever and against famine, plague and disasters.

Saint Genevieve died in the year 512

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