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Performance of T4P over the last month.

Including RSS downloads and streams through the Bible Catholic Network, our Blog talk radio shows have logged just shy of 2,000 listens in the past month. Deeper Truth (my former show) logged 550 during the same period.

Lisa Marie Nicole won the prestigious POZE award for song of the month for June (United we stand) and the live listen her Memorial Day concert show is currently in the Top 5 among Blogtalk Radio shows in the Christian category.

This program was our 6th top 5 and 17th top 10 show in the 14 months of our apostolate. Deeper Truth has existed 15 x as long and has produced about 8 times as many shows. Yet, they have not had a show reach higher than #13 during that span and they are currently at #27 with a show featuring a guest that didn't show.

T4P has had 8 different guests (some of them more than once) during that span. Deeper Truth has had none.

Our You Tube channel has had nearly 70 video views totaling more than 12 hours during that time and has added 5 more subscribers in the same period.

Our Facebook group has had almost 6,300 post views and almost 700 posts from nearly 1,300 members in the last 30 days. 53 new members have joined during that time.

Our Twitter (X) account has added 156 new followers in the last 30 days bringing the total to 689.

The 156 new followers is a 49% improvement over the previous month. Likes and replies both number in the hundreds and have both improved by more than 30% month over month. Total impressions (views) for the month have improved by almost 8% month over month to more than 15,000 in the last month.

Though the video portion of our apostolate is still in it's infancy, our videos have been watched almost 2000 times for a total watch time of over 100 hours. Not bad for beginners.

Over all platforms, we have had in the last year:

  • Over 132,000 views on Twitter

  • 1300 on you tube

  • 4669 on Blog talk radio

  • over 4700 on our supporting platforms

  • Almost 45,000 posts, comments and reactions in our Facebook group.

That is a total of almost 188,000 total hits across all platforms. That total represents more than 88% of the total number of hits for Deeper Truth in it's entire 15 year existence.

We have logged 88% of their total hits. They have existed 15 times as long as we have and 90% of their traffic was gained when I was running it anyway.

So, if you are still wondering what the reason might be for Donald Hartley's rabid hostility towards me and my team, it all boils down to envy. Envy is the right word too.

A healthy type of jealousy can make a person try to compete. Envy motivates a person to bring someone else down rather than step up themself.

Hartley isn't even trying to be accurate or use his own material or be creative or show initiative in any way. Just look at this page.

Hartley shamelessly uses the words I wrote 15 years ago to promote himself. He even has falsely claimed to be the creator of Deeper Truth and to have fired me from Deeper Truth.

For the record, I created Deeper Truth 15 months before I even met Donald Hartley and I left (with him begging me stay) almost a full month before he began circulating this lie that I was fired.

Fired? From a blog?

Deeper Truth is now a blog that no one reads and a show that no one listens to. Nothing more.

The 4 Persons, inc is a legal entity. We are a 501 C3 tax exempt charity recognized by the Federal Government and a Corporation licensed by the Virginia State Corporation commission.

We have challenged Mr. Hartley to debate us or compete with us or simply leave us alone. However, Hartley's insane envy won't let him do that. He constantly harasses our guests, our members and our followers because he literally has none. His entire worldwide audience consists of himself and about 5 other people.

Anyone on the outside can see what needs to happen for Deeper Truth to have a chance to thrive like it did when I ran it. These simple steps are the only chance this apostolate has to survive.

  1. Hartley has to go. He is a pathological liar and has serious mental health issues. He is a danger to himself and everyone around him and has destroyed any credibility as a catholic voice. He publicly emasculated a Catholic priest after the same received and acted upon credible evidence that Hartley was stalking children.

  2. John Carpenter has to go as well. No credibility whatsoever. Cannot get even basic facts right.

  3. Gregory Thompson must be elevated to director of content. He is literally the only member who isn't an open heretic.

  4. Mike Sheeren could be retained as a production and voice over guy, provided he has no oversite on content. Perpetually stuck in 1974, almost all of his production stuff is high quality from a sound perspective but a clear miss for a wide audience.

Will they listen to this advice? Of course not. That's why they are slowing to a crawl. Over the past 30 days, they have continued the trend of logging less than 20 total hits per day. That number was well over 100 per day when I ran Deeper Truth.

T4P is still quite young and has a lot of room to grow but DTB was 5 years old before it had reached the traffic we have.

We have logged 17 Top 10 shows, 6 top 5s and 2 #1s.

Hartley can't even see us.

So the next time you see my name and/or the name of our apostolate in his show scroll, just chalk it off to a bitter old man with nothing to live for except trying to make others as miserable as himself.

Neither I or any of my members will respond to anything else from this child stalking pervert sociopath.


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