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A Pebble He Could Not Be Luke Haskell

Peter is a pebble so they say.

Peter is only another apostle so they pray.

But the church is prophesied to be the Mountain of the Lord.

But the church is exclaimed by James to be the Kingdom of David, restored!

Paul tells us we have come to Mount Zion to the New Jerusalem which was prophecies of many years ago.

But in this Kingdom for as long as it live, authority it must show.

For a Kingdom is not a Kingdom unless it has a King and an ambassador to take his place.

When he has journeyed from the Kingdom, when we do not see his flesh, his face.

From the beginning the majesty of the Kingdom was so.

To the ambassador Aliacim the authority of the keys did flow.

For Aliacim was given even the Kings robes to share.

He was called Father from whic

h pope is derived, he took his very chair.

For Aliacim sat and ruled in the Kings home, until the King was prepared to return to the throne.

So God would not give the keys to a pebble as you bate.

God would give the keys to one he gave his robe, one through the Holy Spirit he makes first rate.

A pebble will not feed the sheep.

A pebble will not row out the boat the church in waters so deep.

A pebble will not lift the nets beyond one man.

A pebble will not declare the Christ, through the church, we now understand.

A pebble will not be the strength of his brothers .

A pebble can not be supported by the spiritual rock above all the others.

For blessed Peter could no

t be a pebble you see. He was named Rock truly before the beginning to be.

For God for knew what was to be and placed what was fulfilled in the types you see.

A Kingdom fulfilled has a King on a throne, a Kingdom fulfilled has the ambassador in the Kings home.

Through the keys given by God the ambassador is chose,

To rule the Kingdom until our days at a close.

Not a pebble can keep this stand but a man guided by God who wears the robes of the king.

A man who takes the Kings



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