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You will be attacked when you speak the truth in Christ. Speak it anyway.

I will not be responding to the vicious insults being posted about me on the internet nor will we continue to revisit the same lies said over and over again.

I am a frail human being, like any other and to the extent I have let my emotions get the best of me, I have repented and gone to confession. Those who use a reminder of yesterday's outburst as a foil to avoid the consequences of today's disagreement are merely proving what we all know- that the facts are not on their side.

In the end, that's what this is all about. It's not about my internet persona against another, it's about the truth of Jesus and the joy He brings to a troubled soul. Last night, for a few brief moments, I experienced a deep consolation of that joy. After receiving Our Blessed Lord, in the Holy Eucharist, I was filled with a warmth and consolation and deep peace. Profoundly undeserved. Profoundly needed. Profoundly appreciated.

I confess, once again, that I have let my anger get the best of me and said some very hateful things that I regret with deep, deep sorrow. I have apologized to the offended persons and confessed them to My Savior through the Sacrament of Confession. I will not be pulled down into that mud pit again.

The person in question was invited into the Apostolate that I created more than a year before I ever met him and he now vacillates between claims that he either created it or co-created it. Like his father, the truth is not in him and the continued internal conflict of his conscience vs his pride is wrecking his health. I now cannot even be angry with him. I really feel sorry for him. The man who once unceremoniously invited me to enter the octagon with him, because he couldn't defend his position with facts, now has the temerity to call me an internet bully.

With all the sincerity in my being, I am filled with deep sorrow at how a man who was once my friend has become so imprisoned by his own arrogance that he is using his very much less-than-capable surrogates to attack me rather than deal with the very serious medical issues he is facing that should be humbling Him before A Mighty God. I will continue to speak the truth. A very high volume of what he is putting out includes attacks on Bishops and the legitimate authority of the church, open promotion of multitudinous condemned events and outright lies and calumny. If it were not so, I would never have left.

Nevertheless, I am going to ask all of you to pray for him. I asked for the Divine Physician's healing touch on him and that he be restored to full vigor and health to his family.

I will also ask that you pray that he understands who his real enemy is- Satan. Even when I spoke the truth with no charity- much to my own discredit- it was still the truth. This man thinks that the brother who corrects him in fraternal charity is the enemy and that's how this started.

Years ago, it started with Ross Earl Hoffman who correctly observed that a Catholic Apostolate cannot be endorsing torture and that waterboarding is torture. Much to my shame, I admit it took my a while to understand Ross was right. It came later when some of us dared to suggest that there were far better Republican (and Catholic) options than Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Time has borne that out as well. Trump's significant lack of political skill, coupled with his oversized ego resulted in him getting totally rolled by the Democrats into shutting our entire economy down. That rash decision set the stage for the election theft that now has Joe Biden in power. Despite his very significant business skill, Trump simply was not the right man for the job. Nevertheless, I don't fault my former friend for backing him from jump but for so viciously attacking anyone who didn't.

Next, it started with the buffoonery of a partner of the show that was promoting every single claim of a vision of Mary or Divinely dictated poetry as Catholic dogmatic fact. This was even true for events that Bishops and the Vatican had publicly condemned multiple times-

  • Amsterdam

  • Garabandal

  • Medjugorje

  • etc....

My very reasonable position asserted that we should:

  • by all means, promote the approved ones.

  • Proceed with extreme caution on the pending ones.

  • Show absolute deference and obedience with regard to those condemned.

His response? 8 consecutive weeks covering an event that has been condemned by 23 Bishops and approved by exactly nobody.

That's when I knew I had to move on. That is what I'm doing here- moving on.

I ask you, in the deepest Christian charity, to hold this man up in your prayers. Ask God to heal him of his medical condition, restore him to his family, break the scales from his eyes and restore him to his first love- serving God and fighting the real enemy.

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