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What we are about and why we appreciate your help

John Benko, founder and Director of The 4 Persons Inc

The purpose of The 4 Persons is to provide a defense for the one fully true church of Christ. It is not designed to attack or hurt others.

We will speak boldly. We will not whitewash the truth.

Yes, we do believe that there is only 1 truth and the only place on earth where it can be found whole, complete, and uncorrupted is the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, we do feel that we can prove that case.

We can prove it historically, supernaturally, logically, practically and Biblically. And we will, make no mistake about that.

We believe that science and observation and reason are sufficient proofs of the existence of God. We also believe that reason and logic alone are sufficient causes for any human being to suspect that that God would have revealed Himself to us in some fashion. Further, we believe that He has and the historical, practical and supernatural proofs are beyond overwhelming that God has revealed, and continues to reveal, His will to us exclusively through the Roman Catholic Church, which He founded when He lived among us in the historical person of Jesus Christ.

We believe that anyone who has totally given Himself to the whole and objective search for truth cannot help but be drawn towards the light of what the Apostle Paul called the Pillar and Foundation of all truth, that is the Catholic Church.

A mere 77 years after the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, when some of the young witnesses would still have been alive, St. Ignatius of Antioch said; “Where Christ is, there is His Catholic Church”.

This Apostolate includes the 4 Persons show which you can follow at and the 4 persons blog which you can follow at We will be a grass-roots apologetics, teaching and engaged group of activists for the faith and difference makers.

We are a registered 501 C3 and we do things the right way. The costs of running our premium podcast, video and blogging platforms is significant. We pay fees for our audio and graphic content. We do not simply lift from the internet because Thou shalt not steal is one of the Commandments.

Simply stated, the costs of our operation is hundreds of dollars per month. In order to stay viable, and keep growing, this apostolate is going to need to implement streams of revenue to offset those costs.

T4P is not paying any persons. All of us are volunteers. Any funds raised- every penny- will go for 3 purposes only.

  1. To pay our operating expenses.

  2. To allow us to grow and provide you better content.

  3. To allow us to help others.

To be frank, right now we need work to even accomplish #1.

As such, T4P will be implementing the following fundraising pieces.

  1. We will be sharing some of our production costs with some of our partners such as Saint Barnabas Reconciliation ministries.

  2. We will provide materials for sale such as books and other items and low-cost premium content to special subscribers.

  3. We will be selling ad time on our shows. Our current plan is for no more than 5 minutes in ads per 60 minute show at a rate of $2 per minute.

  4. We will provide freelance work to other like minded groups to include graphics, voice over and audio and video content.

  5. We will take your donations gratefully.

We hope that you will help us meet our goal of cutting our monthly operating deficit in half by the end of 2023. Thank you.



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