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Catholics are hereby invited to contribute to The 4 Persons (T4P). We are going to be doing everything from blog articles, radio shows, video and working with a loose confederation of other great catholic sites!

Do not make the mistake of thinking you don't have the time or the talent. We have a lot of small roles you can help with. If you have a passion for Catholicism, we have a role for you.

Email me at for more information!

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FIGHTING AGAINST ABORTION Let us look at the three elements for a war to be Just, according to Thomas Aquinas According to Aquinas, three requirements must be met. Firstly, the war must be waged upon

Jerome writes: ” ‘But since in the Law no one is justified before God, it is evident that the just man lives by faith.’ It should be noted that he does not say that a man, a person, lives by faith, le

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