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The 4 Persons podcast is the fastest growing Christian show on Blogtalk Radio


In the category of Religion/Christianity on Blogtalk Radio, there are literally hundreds of well established shows that we are in competition with in the rankings. The members of our team have believed from day 1 that hard work and perseverance would lead to a climb in the rankings.

That climb has been much faster than anticipated and we couldn't be more happy.

In the ever-updated listing of most popular shows, T4P hit a Top 25/Page 2 ranking in it's first week. That makes us the fastest growing Christian podcast on the platform by a wide margin.

Our 7th show, on our 7th day, placed as the 24th most popular Christian show of the week. With the lack of time and exposure, that is really a stunning achievement. 7 shows in and we come in at #24. To put that in perspective, the show that placed #20 (also founded by me, but now run by apostates) was founded in 2009 and has had over 2,600 episodes. It's placement can be explained by duration and reputation alone, while our meteoric rise can only be attributed to the superior quality of our product, for which I owe great gratitude to our team.

Thank you to our friends, promoters, our team and to God. To Him be all the Glory!


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