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Saint of the Day - Saint Scholastica (February 10)

Saint Scholastica was born on March 2, 480 (based on the reported date for her twin brother). She died in 542. She was the twin sister of Saint Benedict.

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Very little is known about Saint Scholastica's early life. She was born to wealthy parents in Nursia, Italy, and was the twin sister of Saint Benedict of Nursia. As is not uncommon with twins, Scholastica shared some of the very same interests as did her brother. For instance, they both started monasteries within five (5) miles of each other - Benedict at Monte Casino and Scholastica at Plombariola.

It is said that Scholastica and Benedict met once a year at a farmhouse where they discussed spiritual matters and in pious prayer. They had to meet in a farmhouse because Saint Scholastica was not allowed inside the monastery at Monte Casino. Not only did Saint Scholastica found the monastery at Plombariola, she governed it. It appears that Saint Benedict directed his sister and the nuns at Plombariola.

On the last such occasion that brother and sister met, Saint Scholastica must have sensed that her death was near, and she asked her brother to stay the night with her in pious prayer and discussion of spiritual matters. Saint Benedict refused, citing the Rule of Saint Benedict, which prohibited the monks from remaining outside the monastery overnight. Saint Scholastica then prayed to God that her brother stay the night with her. Out of nowhere, a severe thunderstorm appeared with a lot of lightening. This storm prevented Benedict and his monks from leaving the farm that night. According to Pope Saint Gregory the Great, Saint Benedict asked Saint Scholastica what she had done. Her response? Something along the lines of "I had asked you to stay and you rejected it, so I asked God and he granted it." The next morning, they left each other's company for the last time. Three days later, Saint Scholastica died. Saint Benedict had a vision of her death and saw her soul leave her body in the form of a dove that flew on to Heaven. He sent several of his monks to retrieve her body and he buried her in a grave that he had prepared for himself. She died on February 10, 543, just under a month shy of her 64th birthday.

She is a patron saint of cloistered nuns, and against lightening, rain and storms.


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