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Our Lady's September 8th nativity proves fraud of Medjugorje.

It is a commonly understood axiom of private revelations that one false and heretical claim is enough to damn the entire event. That is certainly true with the demonic fraud in Medjugorje.

My good friend Dr. Gregory Thompson was once asked to proof read a proposed book by fake catholic liar John Carpenter. In the draft, Carpenter posited that Our Blessed Lady was born on August 5th, not September 8th as the church has maintained for more than 1500 years.

Dr. Thompson related to me that he told Mr. Carpenter that that was "a lie from the pit of hell".

Mr. Thompson, of course, is correct. That didn't stop Johnnie the heretic from publishing it though.

In the early part of this century, Mel Gibson began work on his epic film The Passion of the Christ. Though it is understood that Gibson took much of his accounts directly from the 4 gospels, it is less understood where he got those extra details and scenes.

He borrowed those events from two classic works that you can find in all the better Catholic book sources. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich's complete works and Venerable Maria of Agreda's Mystical City of God.

The two works combined, comprise 5 volumes and almost 3,600 pages. For the record, I have read both.

There is a staggering level of agreement in the two works on the intimate details of Our Lord's passion and Our Lady's unique participation in this agony.

The two works also firmly agree on another important fact- the birthday of Our blessed Mother. The date of September 8th is clearly and explicitly stated in both works. So, when I was exploring the truth/falseness of Medjugorje, John Carpenter's insistence on an August 5th date for Mary's birth told me for certain that this event was from the Devil.

“At the end of May 1984, Jelena and Mirjana, with whom I spoke on June 10, had received from the Virgin a call to celebrate August 5 as the 2,000 birthday of her birth. The feast was to be celebrated by two days of fasting and a day of celebration… The three days of fast (they added one) ended in a day of intense prayer in the Church and on the hill (of apparitions). There were many conversions and confessions. One of the priests said to me: “I will remember this day more than my 20 previous years as a confessor.” According to the young people (the visionaries), Mary had said who had heard confessions that day would have great joy..”

-Rene Laurentin (Is the Virgin Mary Appearing at Medjugorje?)

“In the first few days of the Apparitions, the Blessed Mother was most gracious about the fear of the six visionaries, and gentle about the personal suffering each was enduring. She told the children: ‘Do you know my real birthday is August the 5th?’ The children said no, they did not know that. The Blessed Mother continued: ‘Would you children like to give me some presents?‘ Jacov sorrowfully blurted, ‘Dear Blessed Mother, I don’t have any money!’ The Blessed Mother smiled joyfully and said: ‘Oh Jacov, my dearest little one, you don’t need money for my birthday presents! Tonight when you go home, no matter what your feelings tell you, no matter how you are stimulated, rather than speak the pain in your heart, run outside and look at the heavens and cry out, ‘Its all for the love of you, Dear Jesus.’”

-seer Mirjana from an Interview with Jan Connell (Visions of the Children)


Some catholic pretenders like to try to do the old Kansas two-step and play both sides of this issue, but that dog don't hunt. The choice is clear. You either believe the Catholic church or the 6 lying hucksters from Bosnia. There is no middle ground.


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