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It is a lie that Easter is not for the suffering

It's so easy to get caught up in images of little kids in their spiffy Easter outfits, searching diligently for colored eggs and a bounty of food waiting at home.

Maybe your life hasn't been going so great and you think maybe Easter isn't for you.

Nonsense! Easter is especially for you. Easter isn't just about looking back to what happened 1990 years ago but for what is awaiting all of us. There is a resurrection waiting for each of us if we can dare to persevere to the end. Not without struggle, mind you. Not without pain. Certainly not without faith and God's grace. Easy? No. Possible? Absolutely.

If there is anything the great saints have taught us is that God provides each of us- without exception- with all we need to be saved. We have our own specially made stew of blessings and joys, trials, tribulations and Graces. The Master Chef gives us each our own recipe of the individual and public ingredients we need. We lack nothing.

Some of us will be too quick to complain about the unpleasant ingredients and too slow to be grateful for the pleasant ones, but there will be many opportunities for us to wise up and seek the aid of heaven.

Those who suffer on earth have at their disposal a two-fold blessing. The first is in seeing the world as it truly is- wholly inadequate to satisfy. The second is the opportunity to pay those pennies of purgation now instead of long years in the prison.

Yes, He is Risen. He is also ascended. He promised to come back to take us where He is. The hope should inspire us to keep going. What could be better than that?


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