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Defending the honor of Pope Saint John Paul II against the Medjugorje liars.

Image from CBS News

My longstanding opposition to the false apparitions in Medjugorje is nothing new to anyone who has followed this apostolate or the one that I formed but later left.


In our online classes, we have utterly demolished every argument our detractors have used to try and prop us this dying fraud.

After literally every other argument has failed them, they are trying to put up one last pathetic defense. Like the Black Knight of Monty Python, they desperately try to claim they can mount a defense even as their rhetorical arms and legs have been cut off.

Their very last desperate defense- their literal Waterloo- is the specious argument that we will dismantle tonight.

I will first show you the argument and then I will explain why it falls flat.

The Medjugorje proponent will state that the solidness of their position is established by the fact two prominent Catholic luminaries- both now deceased- were secret admirers of Medjugorje as established by 3rd parties who claim to have learned this by interviews, diary entries and private conversations.

The 2 luminaries are the late Vatican exorcist Bishop Gabrielle Amorth and The late Pope Saint John Paul the 2nd.

Among the incredible claims are that Medjugorje is the ‘’spiritual heart of the world’’ and that the refusal to follow Medjugorje is ‘’unforgivable’’.

When challenged, no proponent of Medjugorje has ever produced any audio or video proof that the alleged interview between Gabrielle Amorth and “Radio Maria” ever even took place, much less that it accurately depicts his words.

Neither has anyone produced the so-called secret diary or any photographic evidence that it even exists either.

This runs very counter to a man who was very open and outspoken about many things.

All that we have is a written transcript of an alleged conversation that none of us can verify and that there is no logical reason whatsoever to doubt is a complete forgery.

The burden of proof of this conversation is on those who wish to claim it as evidence. Produce the diary. Produce the audio of the interview or grow up and shut up.


If our detractors were to suddenly provide this proof (more likely I will find a unicorn), I will only be too happy and concede that what he is purported to have said was actually said.


That would still prove absolutely nothing except that one fallible man believed in these events. In other words, their false claims would not mean anything even if they were true.

It’s actually incredible that they must go to such enormous lengths to find even one person who shares their view.


The argument that x proposition is true because x person believes it is true is what is known as the ‘’appeal to authority’’ fallacy. X proposition is true or false because the evidence proves that x proposition is true or false. Even the best lawyer in the world has to prove his case and when your case is that the Mother of God is appearing to you, you better believe I expect proof.

So, what is the proof of Medjugorje?

Are there any proven miracles? No.

Are there any proven cures? No.

Are there any prophecies that have come true? No.

Are there any good fruits? No.


The rise in the occult- proven.

The rise in heresies- proven.

The proliferation of obscene amounts of money to everyone involved, especially the seers- proven.

The Ruini report calls them actors and liars who are spiritually immature and addicted to money.

Here is something a Chief Vatican exorcist actually did say about Medjugorje. He- Bishop Andreas Gemma – said it is an absolutely diabolical event driven only by the devil’s dung- money.


I could go on all night about the many proofs in the falseness of this satanic event but tonight we will focus on just one that so perfectly illustrates the demonic nature of this scourge on humanity.

The insidious claim the none other than John Paul the great, himself was a secret supporter of Medjugorje is as absurd as it is false and rests entirely upon the credibility of one man who had no credibility whatsoever. A convicted criminal, opportunist and well established supporter of heresy.

Tonight, my guest- Medjugorje expert John McGuire will help us uncover the truth of Bishop Paval Hnlica, the man behind the lie. We will also cover the real history of the 23 years when Medjugorje the event and the Papacy of JP II co existed and how this entire period is marked by a marked and undeniable antagonism of the Holy Father towards this satanic event.

Before going to our guest, I would like to quote from the online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia, with source links included:

There are a number of statements attributed to Pope John Paul II regarding the Medjugorje phenomenon. Some of these statements were denied. Joseph Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, when presented a list of statements, responded, “I can only say that the statements about Medjugorje attributed to the Holy Father and me are mere fabrications." ("frei erfunden")[71][72] Many other similar claims supportive of the Medjugorje phenomenon were attributed not just to Pope, but many other Church officials, with none of them being proved as authentic.[73][non-primary source needed] One such claim of Bishop Pavol Hnilica was denied by the Vatican's Secretariat of State.[74][non-primary source needed]


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