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Are you a pro-lifers? Do you support campaign against abortion?

I salute the church leaders who bravely stand firm to defend their faith and the teachings of Christ by reminding their flocks about the sanctity of Life. San Francisco California Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordelione did a great and heroic act when he bans Speaker of the US House of Representative Nancy Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion because of her support in promoting abortion despite several attempts of Archbishop Cordelione to talk and remind her of the duty and the danger that she is causing her soul and to all her constituents. Other Bishops from US and other countries also expressed their support to Archbishop Cordelione.

Cheyenne Wyoming Representative John Benedict Romero Martinez also a pro-life advocate stated, “The good Archbishop Cordileone, chief leader of a flock of which Pelosi is a member, is correct in his pastoral action, the good speaker has failed to be holy - after multiple attempts to teach and inform her

with a proper ‘well-formed conscience,’ of which she has seemingly avoided multiple corrective actions and efforts. This precedence will serve as a moral compass for any repeated immoral or anti-doctrinal, anti-church heresy from within or even outside of the Holy Magisterium, where spiritual forces continue their warfare on Holy Mother church both spiritually and temporarily by far-left and far right or even centrist radicalism that does harm to the Mystical Body of Christ. This type of leadership is long overdue and is refreshing for the faithful as we embrace both justice and mercy this Easter Season!” JBRM

Asa baptized Catholic Christians we all have the duty to be a prophet, a priest and a king in our little way as we participate in the threefold mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We may be strong enough enough to promote our faith, follow the commandments and protect the life of the living and the unborn. God bless us all.

Cherry Maestro Mallorca - Spirituality Advocate


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