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On the website, so-called medical professionals make 2 blanket statements (circled above) that are absolutely indefensible on any level- moral, intellectual or scientific. It is this broadening and expanding of the definition of mental illness that began in the 1970's and has brought us to the point where the term "mental illness" is virtually meaningless.

This broadening of the issue of mental illness to include emotion and behavior contrasts sharply with the legal definition of someone's mental capacity.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mental Capacity

The ability, capability, or fitness to do something; a legal right, power, or competency to perform some act. An ability to comprehend both the nature and consequences of one's acts.

Capacity relates to soundness of mind and to an intelligent understanding and perception of one's actions. It is the power either to create or to enter into a legal relation under the same conditions or circumstances as a person of sound mind or normal intelligence would have the power to create or to enter.

A person of normal intelligence and sound mind has the capacity to dispose of his or her property by will as he or she sees fit.

A capacity defense is used in both criminal and civil actions to describe a lack of fundamental ability to be accountable for one's action that nullifies the element of intent when intent is essential to the action, thereby relieving a person of responsibility for it.

An individual under duress lacks the capacity to contract; a child under the age of seven accused of committing a crime lacks criminal capacity.


Simply stated, the Mental person is that agent within each individual responsible for the processing of information and formulating conclusions and making decisions. It is entirely focused on the cognitive function of the brain.

By incorporating cognitive function, emotion and behavior into strictly a medical phenomena- as this website clearly tries to do- it rejects those essential elements of what make a properly functioning human being and reduce us to nothing more than robots.

In short, it are the concepts of good and evil that are divorced from the lexicon in an attempt to merge these into our definitions of healthy and ill.

Enter Nikolas Cruz.

The date of February 14th, 2018 was a rare occurrence where the Catholic Holy days of Ash Wednesday and Saint Valentines day fell on the same day. Sadly, this day will be remembered for something far worse. Nikolas Cruz entered Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida that day, with evil in his heart. At 2:21 PM, he entered the school through a 1st floor stairwell and shot three kids in cold blood. The 3 kids- Gina Montalto (age 14), Martin Duque (14) and Luke Hoyer (15) were gunned down as they attempted to enter classroom 1215. Hoyer and Duque died at the school, Montalto was transported to an area hospital and pronounced dead that night. It seems she was possibly the very first victim hit and the last to be identified as a fatality. She was described as the kindest person ever.

Cruz's sick rampage had just begun.

Within 2 more minutes, Cruz struck a total of 20 more kids, one in the hallway and the rest by shooting into classrooms. Classrooms 1213, 1214 and 1216 were the additional rooms hit.

Of the 20 victims, 6 died.

Nicholas Dworwet 17

Helena Ramsey 17

Alex Schacter 14

Carmen Schentrup 16

Alyssa Alhadeff 14

Alaina Petty 14

This brought the death toll to 9. One of the wounded was Chris Hixon 49. Hixon was the athletic director. He ran into the building and charged the gunman and was then shot. He attempted to get back up but was too seriously injured. Helpless to escape, he was shot again-3 times- when Cruz later found the spot he was hiding in.

Chris was still alive when rescue workers arrived and was transported to a hospital in serious condition.

Was Cruz done? hardly.

He ran into a stairwell and encountered football coach Aaron Feis 37 who was shot trying to wrestle the gun from the assailant. Feis stumbled outside and later became the 10th fatality.

Sadly, Hixon also died later, at the hospital.

The killer ran up the stairs and spent about 2 minutes working his way across the 2nd floor. Finding no victims, he ran, undeterred up to the 3rd floor.

Cruz had now shot 24 people, 11 of those would die. Methodically, in a cold, calculated pursuit he continued.

He exited the stairwell at 2:24:30 PM according to the time line.

Within 10 seconds, he hit 6 more victims. Teacher Scott Beigel 35 was killed. Anthony Borges was shot 5 times barricading a door with his body to save other kids. He would go on to become the most grievously injured person to survive. To show such heroism as a high school freshman is remarkable, to say the least.

Among the 4 other wounded were Meadow Pollack 18 and Cara Loughran 14 who collapsed in an alcove outside room 1249. Pollack had been hit 4 times but still had the presence of mind and courage to crawl over and cover Loughlin with her body to shield her. Joaquin Olliver 17 was also hit in the knee and collapsed outside the restroom.

Within a minute, Cruz hit 4 more victims. Peter Wang 15 was killed holding the stairwell door open to save other kids. Wang was another heroic freshman.

Jaime Guttenberg 14 was shot before escaping into the stairwell but was hit again and killed. Cruz found the wounded Pollack covering the terrified Loughran and, with indescribable cruelty, shot her 5 more times which killed them both. Pollack was shot a total of 9 times.

He then came upon the wounded Oliver and with unimaginable cruelty, according to a witness, shot him 10 more times in the leg before finishing him off with a fatal head shot.

Cruz shot at least 7 of his victims 8 or more times. Wang was hit 13 times, Oliver 12 times. Allysa Alhadef was shot 10 times. Martin Duque was shot 8 times. Savage, to say the least.

In all, Cruz hit 34 people, 31 of them teenagers. 17 of those 34 people would die. 12 died in the school. 3 (Duque, Feis and Ramsey) died on the grounds of the school and 2 (Hixon and Montalto) were pronounced dead at the hospital.

The killer planned the rampage and bragged about it on video, beforehand. On the fateful day, he disassembled and packed his rifle. He then took an Uber to the school and entered a stairwell where he confronted a freshman and told him he'd better get out of there because something was about to go down.

He then proceed to systematically shoot almost 140 rounds hitting 34 people before escaping the building and blending in with the crowd. Experts say he moved like a professional conducting a military operation.

You may be wondering why I have gone into such great detail to describe this horrific event. The reason is that there are some among us (including the defense team in this case) who deny the essential spiritual elements of what makes us human beings. In the insanity of doing this, they are reduced to describing this horror as a result of mental illness instead of what all of us see it as- evil.

This is not only an absurd conclusion, it is a very dangerous one. I remind you of the quotes on the graphic at the start of this article:

Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking or behavior (or a combination of these). Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities.
Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a medical problem, just like heart disease or diabetes.

In short, these people are actually arguing that good and evil do not exist and that these kinds of acts are a result of mental defect and nothing more. This was the defense that was used in this case and the headlines showed it.

It is true that the jury didn't buy it and the families of the victims certainly didn't. Very few of the public believes this either. All of that is beside the point. The fact that this argument is even made shows that today's modern psychiatric profession are off-the-reservation. In other words, they are the most mentally ill of all.

Mental illness- properly defined- is an impairment to mental cognition. It is the inability to effectively see reality. To me, there could not be a more pronounced evidence of this condition than the denial of good and evil as objective realities wholly independent of mental capacity.

It is impossible - objectively speaking - to argue that the assailant's mental cognition was impaired in any way. I would even say that his attack was well planned and efficiently executed. In fact, the lack of coordination and intelligence was far more present in the police response than in the attack.

Cruz fired nearly 140 rounds in about 5 minutes. Nearly half of those rounds were shot into just 7 people. His attack was precise, methodical and efficient. There is absolutely nothing to support the idea that he was not 100% composed and in full possession of his mental faculties. From a mental standpoint, it was carried out with tremendous skill. It is safe to estimate that at least 75%-80% of his shots were hits, fired at a rate of 1 shot about every 2 1/2 seconds.

Mentally ill people do not have the ability to carry out this kind of an operation. That is just an objective, quantifiable fact.

As you read this, you may be becoming queasy at the clinical and forensic analysis I am giving.

Good. That's the effect I was going for you. It was exactly the point I am making.

When you or I think of someone going into a school and committing a senseless barbaric act like this, our blood runs cold. The hair stands up on the backs of our necks as we imagine these poor defenseless kids terrified and begging for their lives. We know what the psychiatric profession refuses to face.

All the therapy in the world, all the medicines the pharmaceutical companies can create are powerless in the face of evil. We know that the motivation for this kind of evil can only come from the devil. The killer knew it too and he made it known.

The prosecutors and police immediately dismissed it as an act. I would encourage you to watch the 3 videos which are each pretty short. I would argue that these persons cannot have it both ways. You cannot argue that Nikolas Cruz had the presence of mind to carry out this horrendous act and also the presence of mind to create stories about demons and how much he hated Jesus and worshipped Lucifer, and then claim that he is insane.

Whether Cruz actually heard demons or not, I cannot say. There are a few things I can say though.

First, these kinds have stories of mass killers saying they were instructed by demons has happened many times and it is always dismissed as mental illness. Killers Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, the BTK killer and Ted Bundy are some examples. Many mass shooters have said they were hearing demons and/or admitted being involved in the occult. Here is one example.

It is time to have a serious conversation about the fact that angels and demons do really exist. It is time to get our churches involved in looking into these horrific crimes. Clearly, a correlation exists between the increased secularization and decadence of our society and these kinds of crimes.

It is true that correlation, in itself, does not prove causation. Yet, what argument can the other side make accept to simply blame it on the guns?

I am a reasonable person and I am open to a reasonable argument as to how the denial of access of a certain kind of person to a certain kind of gun might be part of a broader solution.

Ties to the occult needs to be part of the assessment of what kind of person could kill or wound more than 30 people. You can argue that the devil didn't tell him to do this but I will guarantee you Jesus didn't. Remember also the day that this happened. A number of the victims were Catholic. Chris Hixon, Gina Montalto, Carmen Schentrup and Cara Loughran. Others were Christians like Allaina Petty and Peter Wang and Aaron Feis and some were Jews like Meadow Pollack, Jaime Guttenberg and Allysa Alhadef. The likelihood of this being a hate crime certainly has to be considered especially in light of the statements of the killer and that the date chosen for the massacre was on the rare convergence of 2 Catholic holy days- Ash Wednesday and Saint Valentine's Day.


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