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A serious question for Medjugorje supporters

What would it take for you to finally admit you are wrong?

It's a serious question and I really am curious to know whether or not any Medjugorje advocate can give an honest answer rather than deteriorate into an emotional tantrum. I invite anyone who thinks they can to contact us at

I want to start this conversation off with a few undeniable facts.

  1. The Vatican does not have to publicly give a negative judgement to Medjugorje for it to be under one. If the Vatican remains silent, Medjugorje remains under the negative judgement of the 1991 Yugoslav Bishop's conference and all 3 of the Bishops of Mostar since 1981 (Zanic, Peric and Palic). All 22 of those Bishops have denied that Mary has been established as appearing in Medjugorje even once.

  2. The Vatican has issued public statements declaring that they have not been able to substantiate even one miracle, cure or fulfilled prophecy from Medjugorje.

  3. Not one peer-reviewed scientific study has been produced.

  4. The Vatican, under John Paul II as Pope and Cardinal Ratzinger as head of the CDF, publicly deposed, excommunicated, defrocked and/or exiled 5 priests of the Medjugorje inner circle.

  5. The visionaries have become filthy rich from the events and the lure of money is a compelling proof of inauthenticity.

  6. The Ruini report concedes that the visionaries are dishonest, actors going through the motions, and addicted to money.

  7. The Vatican- this week- condemned yet another Medjugorje off shoot.

  8. Video evidence exists proving the seers faking the ecstasies.

  9. The Vatican Secretary of State and (then) Cardinal Ratzinger publicly stated that assertions by Bishop Pavol Hnlica that Pope John Paul II supported the Medjugorje fraud are fabricated.

  10. 33 years have passed since the 1991 negative judgement and 3 popes have not overturned it.

  11. Pope Francis, in 2017, said bluntly of the current "apparitions" the "this is not the mother of Jesus"

  12. Even the Ruini report admits that Mary has not appeared in Medjugorje since July of 1981, even if she has appeared there at all (she hasn't).

  13. The Vatican has never overturned a Bishop's negative judgement on a Marian apparition.

"This is not the mother of Jesus"

~Pope Francis in 2017, speaking on Medjugorje.

I really want someone to give me an honest answer. The 13 points above are completely factual and no Medjugorje supporter will even attempt to counter them, so the question remains, what would it take for you to admit you are wrong?

If you confront any Medjugorje supporter with this question, they will immediately ask us what it would take for us to admit we are wrong.

Fair enough.

In the amazingly unlikely event that the Vatican instructed us to look past the mountains of evidence of the falseness and diabolical nature of Medjugorje, and public decree that these events are supernatural and worthy of belief, despite every obvious evidence to the contrary, we would do so. We would understand that this is an epic test of our faith, but we must trust mother church. We would obey.

How likely is that?

It's impossible.

Never, in the history of Marian apparitions, has the Vatican stepped in to overturn the judgement of a Bishop of Jurisdiction. Nevertheless, if one could imagine it possible that one Bishop got it wrong here, it would be insane to imagine that 22 did.

That's what you are asserting. You are asserting that the Vatican would overturn the judgement of 22 Bishops and approve this event.

The truth is that none of you really believe that and you never have.

What the Medjugorje supporters actually believed and what Medjugorje detractors most feared.

Medjugorje was all but left for dead in the 1990s after the national Bishop's conference voted it down by a vote of 19-0.

However, in a move that can only be described as brilliant, Medjugorje promoters like Steve Shawl decided to circumvent the church by using the emerging technology of the internet to go directly to the people. Steve's brother appeared on our show and admitted it is known to be a scam.

The lie perpetrated by the Medjugorje proponents is twofold. First, it centers around the alleged motivations of the Bishops, suggesting that they were compromised or biased in some way. Secondly, that as a result, the flock is not obligated to be obedient to their negative judgements.

Medjugorje proponents have successfully duped millions into believing that only a negative judgement from the Vatican could prevent them from promoting the events. This is false. In fact, the exact opposite is the case. Only by overturning of the Bishops' determinations could Medjugorje be approved for promotion as a supernatural event.

Anyone openly promoting this event as authentic is committing the sin of formal heresy.

However, to their credit, the pro-Medjugorje crowd has been largely successful in their propaganda campaign in convincing millions that it's ok to promote Medjugorje until the Vatican says otherwise.

The truth is that there is only one way for Medjugorje to be approved and that is, as we have discussed, the Vatican overturning the judgement of 22 Bishops. We all know that's not happening.

There are two ways for the Medjugorje events to fall under negative judgement.

  1. For the Vatican to affirm the negative judgements already made by giving their own (such as Amsterdam and Garabandal)

  2. For the Vatican to affirm the negative judgements by silence (such as at Bayside, New York).

Medjugorje supporters thought they had us check-mated but the game has changed.

Both Medjugorje supporters and opponents had come to the same conclusion about the Vatican's action. This to the delight of the supporters and angst of the opponents. Both camps concluded that the Vatican simply would do nothing.

What that means: Medjugorje stands condemned.

What they want you to think it means: Everyone can decide for themself.

Thankfully, it looks like the Vatican has decided the charade has gone on long enough. A few weeks ago, the Vatican issued new norms on the defining of private revelations. Many speculated that these news norms would mean the Vatican would no longer speak on the supernatural nature of these alleged events.

It is no coincidence that the Medjugorje propogandists have been feverishly pumping out their goop to all of social media of a dramatic turn of events at the site. The devil is about to be exposed. The Vatican is about to fully condemn Medjugorje as being not of heavenly origin.

It's coming. You can't stop it. Within weeks, perhaps. Certainly, by the end of the year.

What are you going to do, Medjugorje supporters?

At this point, there will be only two paths you can take;

  1. Submit

  2. Rebel.

Virtually all Medjugorje supporters claim that they would be subject to the Vatican if the Vatican condemns the events, but they only said that as they believed it would never happen. Now, it's not only a likelihood, it's a certainty.

What will you do?

Will you submit?

Sadly, many won't.

The Vatican has condemned numerous events that people still pridefully follow.

Medjugorje is different. There is too much money involved. Too much power. Too many special interests and too many will be pulled into a full blown schism that asserts that the false church is in Rome but the real one is in Bosnia.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope you swallow your pride and come home. We are going to see. Very soon.


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