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Should all be scandalized by the false witness of Donald Hartley? Of course. As many times as Donald repeats the lie that I am an Anti-Catholic and as much as he attributes words to Pope Saint John Paul II that he never spoke, the lies will not become truth just because he repeats them.

No Medjugorje supporter has ever produced any letter from John Paul II, any video of John Paul II or any audio clip of John Paul II ever saying anything complimentary of the satanic events in Bosnia, much less that it is the hope of the entire world. He never said it, he never would have said it. it is blasphemy to even suggest that he said it. Donald will not even attempt to substantiate this quote because he knows very well that it never happened.

The events in Medjugorje were taking place during the last 22 years of his 25 year papacy but he never once visited that wretched place, just like the Mother of Jesus has never visited there.

I am reminded of a grim day in 1981 when the Holy Pope was aided by the Blessed Mother. On the anniversary of Our Lady's appearance in Fatima, Portugal, a gunman attempted to take the life of this saintly man. Our Lady guided the bullets, he would go on to say.

A year later, in 1982, John Paul II made a pilgrimage to personally thank the Blessed Lady for saving his life. Did He go to Medjugorje, the place that liar Don Hartley claims she was appearing and that John Paul II called the hope of the world?

Of course not.

John Paul II traveled instead to the place where Mary actually did appear. The place that is the actual hope of the world- Fatima. He stayed clear of that haunt of devils in the mountains of Bosnia for the entire duration of his Papacy and never supported it in any way. Those are the facts and Donald will not even attempt to provide any evidence to the contrary. The most traveled Pope in human history and he never once went to Medjugorje. That's not coincidence. He knew it was garbage and so does Don Hartley.

It is the same with his absurd accusations against me.

Donald Hartley has publicly slandered Bishop Zanic, Bishop Peric and the Bishop of San Damiano, Italy just to name a few. He has publicly claimed that a Bishop's negative judgement does not constitute a binding condemnation which directly contradicts the public testimony of Rev. Father Peter Joseph, Rev. Father Shannon Collins and the published norms that are right on the Vatican Website as well as countless other catholic sources [Click here]

Then, in hypocrisy that borders on the supernatural, he refers to me as an anti-catholic. The irony is of Orwellian proportions.

There is no question that Donald is wrong on every point and there is no question that I am right on every point. He is guilty of:

  • Heresy

  • False witness

  • Scandal

  • Idolatry

It's not arguable. It's not debatable. It's just fact.

That's where the twisted branch of pride comes in.

When I say I am right on every point, it is true in the sense that every statement I have made on these subjects is 100% factually correct.

It is also true that I get no credit for that. I am guilty of losing sight of that. The Vatican wrote these norms, the Bishop's did the investigations, the church handed down the verdicts. I get no more credit here than a beggar who shows another beggar where the bread is.

How dare I act as if I am better than my brother because I found what he couldn't?

I allowed myself/caused myself to be pulled into a brawl where I squandered away the merits I might have gained for fraternal correcting by my shameless displays of anger and uncharitableness. Even the slanders against me I should have bore with Christ-like patience due to the many times in my life I did not receive the justice I deserved. Further, I forfeited the opportunity to be the better man and win over those observers who may have been mislead.

Finally, I forfeited the right to beg My King for help, knowing full well that God resists the proud but hears the prayer of the humble.

No excuse can I make. I can only say that Donald Hartley has broken my heart. I trusted him. I believed in him. He has sold his faith for so much lentil soup.

Each time I enter back into the conversation, I lose my ability to be charitable.

I will ask you to pray for Donald Hartley and John Carpenter. God does not allow me to judge their hearts but He commands me to rightly judge their actions. Their actions are despicable.

They claim Mary has appeared in Medjugorje though the Bishops charged with making that determination have said with one voice (23-0) that she has not. They continue to follow a "gospa" that becomes filthy with sin, a gospa who wanted to destroy the world over a handkerchief. They continue to follow "the lady" that Father Collins calls a Harlot and an Idol. They continue to follow an enterprise that has produced no miracles, no cures, no good fruits but hordes and hordes of filthy lucre and million dollar homes for the seers and promoters.

They continue to follow this farce after 5 of the inner circle priests were defrocked, excommunicated and exiled. They continue to believe the "gospa" who instructed Priests who were stripped of their faculties to celebrate Mass and hear confessions. Do you not feel my outrage at this blasphemy!? Why are these 2 men hurling this vile filth at the Mother of Jesus?

Priests convicted of adultery, molestation, heresy, formal disobedience and the occult. That is the rotten fruit of Medjugorje. That is the filth Hartley and Carpenter are propping up. Aren't you angry too?

Sadly, Medjugorje is just the tip of the iceberg of heresy they are promoting and clergy they are attacking at the Vatican level and the Bishop level. Guess what? It's not my problem anymore. They have been shown the truth. They have been warned. I can do nothing more.

What I must do - and I do now - is publicly apologize to Donald Hartley and John Carpenter and all others involved for;

  • the excessive anger

  • the salty language

  • the personal attacks

  • the vindictive nature of my response.

I also state this as my final word on the matter and....

I confess to almighty God, and to you, my brothers and sisters, that I have greatly sinned through my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do; through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault; therefore I ask blessed Mary ever-Virgin, all the Angels and Saints, and you, my brothers and sister, to pray for me to the Lord our God.

I will not respond to anything more addressed on this matter. I consider it closed.

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