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The 4 Persons Blogtalk Radio performance so far.

We debuted our Blogtalk Radio program and thought it might be a good time to update you on it's progress. To date, we have 32 published episodes with more on deck. The following are fixed time slots:

  • Tuesday, 7:00 PM Eastern- The Tangled Mess with Deb Rojas

  • Thursday, 7:00 PM Eastern- Uncounseling with Dr. Fred Boley.

  • Friday, 7:00 PM Eastern (resuming May 12) The Luke Haskell show

  • Saturday, 6:00 AM Eastern (starting May 13th) The burnt toast and coffee show with William Hemsworth.

Though we have been doing shows nearly every day, the others have been more fluid at this point.

Our top 5 most popular shows so far, have been as follows:

5. The Double header show of April 25th, 2023- Bryan Mercier of Catholic Truth, Deb Rojas- The Tangled Mess
4. The Tangled Mess with Deb Rojas- May 11th.
3. Uncounseling with Dr. Fred Boley - May 20th
2. Luke Haskell as guest on The 4 Persons show- April 12th
1. Doubleheader 4 Persons show with Lisa Marie Nichole and Catholicism Rocks- April 29th

We truly hope for your continued support.


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