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T4P scores 2nd #1 show, putting heretics in their place

Anti-catholic bigot heretic Dean Odle has refused to respond to our calls for a debate on the true identity of the "whore of babylon" (Revelation chapters 17 & 18) so we responded by claiming victory by forfeit and by knocking him out of the #1 spot in the Christian category on Blogtalkradio.

Our show promotes what Christian virtue should look like. Congrats to Trish Knaff and Blessings are miracles LLC.

Here is how we stack up against my former show to date:

T4P- The only Catholic show on BTR former show

#1 shows 2 0

Top 3 shows 4 0

Top 5 shows 5 0

Top 10 shows 16 0

Front Page 18 0

Top 15 21 2

Thanks to the hard work of all our contributors.


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