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T4P's exponential growth is exciting.

My previous apostolate- for all it's current bragadoccio- has logged a rather unimpressive 212,300 hits in 15 years. That is about 38 hits per day average over the lifetime of the program. Over the last year, that has slowed to about 12 per day on the only platform where they have a consistent Prescence. Our Twitter account alone will pass that total in January, 3 months shy of our 2nd anniversary. That account also has 658 followers compared to the 195 total followers of my previous endeavor.

That's just Twitter.

Our facebook group has 1200 members and has logged almost 17,000 page views in just the last 2 months. 17,000 compared to about 720 for them.

On Blogtalkradio. of course they have more total page views because they have 10 times as many shows and have been around 15 times as long. However, since we have been around, we are absolutely mopping the floor with them.

Analytics don't lie.

We currently have a show at #9 in the Christian category. They are #27.

In that time, we have had 2 #1 shows. They have had none. We have now had 17 top 10 shows, they have had none.

Those are just the numbers reflected in Blogtalk radio's direct hits.

However, that is only a fraction of the picture. Thanks to our affiliation with the bible catholic network, created and run by master apologist William Hemsworth, our shows are syndicated over itunes, spotify, amazon and multiple other platforms. Those platforms show that T4P blogtalkradio shows have had more than 600 downloads in just the last 24 hours. This does not even mention our rapidly growing video enterprise or the fact that our website outranks theirs by 2 million positions worldwide.

Over 600 downloads of T4P shows across the globe in last 24 hours.

They don't even want us to talk about how our massive and impressive guest list puts theirs to embarrassing shame. So we won't.

As far as the cries to end the competition between our brands, folks please. We are beating them worse than Georgia beat Florida State in the Sugar Bowl. That game was only 63-3. We have won the last 24 hours by about 700-12 when you include all platforms.

While they refer to us as snakes, klansmen, misfits, marxists, commonchros, or whatever other juvenile name they can, we call them what they are- annoying little gnats in need of swatting.

So, why am I even bringing them up again? Good question. It deserves a good answer.

Our latest truce with this clown troop was simple. Leave us alone and we will do the same.

Almost immediately, Hartley began harassing our member Richard Pettys. Richard immediately came to me and asked what he should do. we decided to string him along then laugh at him when he found out he'd been duped. We thought we would teach him a lesson.

Some people can't learn.

For those of you clamoring for peace, it's simple. Tell Hartley to shut up and stop causing trouble. As soon as he does that, the trouble goes away. don't talk to us or about us. Don't even look at us.

Everyone has had enough of you.


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