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T4P is winning bigly!

There is a feeling of justice when good triumphs over evil, when truth triumphs over lies and heresy, when the right way of doing things triumphs over theft.

This week, we are savoring one of those moments.

In Blogtalkradio's weekly category rankings of archived episodes, T4P's most popular episode sits on page 1, in the 9th position. For us to have accomplished this in only 5 weeks, with less than 35 episodes is a testament to the whole T4P team, the investment of time and treasure, our superior hosts, guests, sound quality and production quality. It also speaks to the superior quality of our material and content.

Let me repeat that...our material and content.

Unlike the miscreants I used to associate with, T4P is only using audio we have licensed, images available as part of our paid platforms or licensed, and original content we create ourselves. The only exceptions are clips and citations used to make a case, in which these are credited and allowed under the fair use provision of copyright law.

The other site is associated with published and pending books and has thus operated in a for-profit mode. We, on the other hand, are a registered 501 C3 and operate for the Church's gain, not our own selfish ambition.

If this other site were to ever be so foolish as to try and monetize (for profit or not), they would be in a lot of legal trouble. Why? Plagiarism.


Simply put, nearly everything this site is putting out is plagiarized. The image above is just one clear example. The Catholic pretender's MOS is to literally lift other people's images, copy and paste other people's text and play other people's licensed music without any proper credit given to the author. That is a crime and, on a monetized site, every single one of those people can seek and collect damages.

I will just give you 3 examples and then move on.

Example 1.

BLOGTALK RADIO SHOW Click and listen from 1:21 to 2:41 and you will hear the actual audio soundtrack to the introduction of EWTN's Daily Mass. At no point is it even mentioned that this came from EWTN. They repeat this direct plagiarism literally hundreds of times over the past several years.

Example 2.


This website steals literally every single image it includes on every single article it posts but they really outdid themselves on this one. Shutterstock is a paid service that charges for licensed images and protects them from theft by brandishing the Shutterstock logo across them. He literally stole an image here with the logo on it. This is a crime. It is copyright theft.

Example 3.

Theft of other people's words. In addition to the example cited earlier, check this one out.


There he is, Donald Hartley, the Catholic Pretender himself, pasting his picture and caption with the words explaining the purpose of Deeper Truth and why he founded it.

Only 2 problems. He didn't found it (or even co-found it). I did. I founded Deeper Truth in May of 2009 and didn't even meet him and ask him to join until nearly a year and a half later. Those words? Those aren't his either. They are mine. He lifted them verbatim and claimed them as his own.

This is why, in 5 weeks, we have been able to defeat his show that is now 14 years old. Donald Hartley has no credibility because he has no principles. He will do literally anything to bolster his own image even lie and steal. These are the facts and they sadden me because I once counted him among my friends. People recognize what a fraud he is and that's why his online empire is cratering.

Make no mistake, T4P will never let you down in this way. If Deeper Truth tries to monetize, we will sue them in court for unauthorized us of our material and, trust me. We won't be the only ones.

What is coming

We are overcoming the technical hurdles to get our donation platform in place. T4P will operate as a non-profit, using a combination of donations and grants, commercial sales and online sales to pay the bills.

Our People and programs are second to none and we can now reveal our regular lineup.

On Sundays at 5 PM Eastern, we will have the Catholicism Rocks show as part of our partnership with the website of the same now.

Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 PM will be yours truly and a variety of topics and high-profile guests on The 4 Persons show

Tuesdays at 7 PM it is The Tangled Mess with renowned therapist Deb Rojas

Thursdays at 7, it is the Uncounseling show with Dr Fred Boley.

Fridays at 7, Catholic Apologist Luke Haskell is our host.

Saturdays at 12 NOON Eastern, It's Apologist William Hemsworth with the burnt toast and coffee show

Saturday night at 7 PM (8 PM this week), it is Terry Delp and Taking it to the Street.

Greater things to come. Our content will be unmatched and so will our integrity.


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