Questions still unanswered, challenge still unaccepted as blasphemy against the BVM continues.

I have no choice but to continue to respond to the blasphemy against Our Blessed Lady coming from former Catholics John Carpenter and Donald Hartley.

This morning, they are attacking a Catholic Priest for stating the obvious demonic and idolatrous nature of the so-called apparitions in Medjugorje that have been condemned more times (4) than the combined number of approvals (0), correct prophecies (0), published, peer reviewed scientific inquiries (0) or miracles accepted by the Lourdes medical team (0).

The total number of condemnations (soon to reach 5) does equal the number of inner circle Medjugorje priests excommunicated and/or defrocked but lags behind the countless number of lies the visionaries have told which probably, like their personal fortunes, is in the millions.

Meanwhile, Carpenter, not to be outdone in heresy, is now on his 4th episode on the publicly condemned events in Naju, South Korea. This makes an impressive record of 50% condemned, 37% approved, and 13% unapproved over the last 13 months.

The demon of Medjugorje must be so proud.

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