My response to Mike Sheeren

This was an email I received from one of the only few remaining worldwide supporters of Deeper Truth...and when I say few, I mean literally less than 10. All the other members and supporters have left because of the atrocious behavior of the two narcissistic jerks I was referring to in the post. Though I certainly must question Mike's judgement in allowing himself to continue to be associated with these two horribly evil human beings, I will acknowledge and appreciate the civility of his observation even as I refute it's clear incorrectness.

I will respond with a few very prescient observations, citing that you are the 4th Deeper Truth member to admonish me and, in all 4 cases, the circumstances have been exactly the same with respect to these observations.

First, I am struck by the hypocrisy here. I haven't called these two imbeciles anything worse than they have called me and they did it first so I'd be grateful if you would be a bit more consistent in your calls for civility.

Secondly, I notice that You, Greg, Cathy and Penni came to their defense when I called them "clowns" and other terms (some perhaps more colorful than they should have been) and derided the uncivil and even "disgusting" choice of words. Fair enough.

What you haven't done, though is contest the accuracy of what I have said about them and that is quite telling, isn't it?

After all, I have called these two miscreants far worse than "clowns". I have called them:

  • Pathological liars

  • Formal heretics

  • Blasphemers

  • Idolaters

  • Self-promoting narcissists

  • Back stabbing traitors

  • Frauds

I notice you didn't take any issue with those terms. Why is that, Mike? Are you, like virtually everyone else on the internet, admitting that I have exposed these 2 for the frauds they are?

Unlike these two, all the things I have said are 100 % accurate and have been proven. In the following two hour video, Greg Thompson my guest can be seen and heard stating he hopes Don Hartley will do something similar to try and prove his side.

We both know why he hasn't. He can't. The proof of their guilt is manifestly clear. So, when I call Hartley and Carpenter cowards, liars and blasphemers, it may be uncivil....

but it sure isn't inaccurate

As for calling them "clowns", I suppose you are correct. I should call them a "Brood of Vipers" like John the Baptist did or "Ignoramuses" like James did or "Dogs returning to their own vomit" like Peter did. Perhaps I should just cut to the chase and call them what they are, in the words of Jesus, "Children of hell".

In the words of 1 Peter 2:20, it is of no credit to you if you receive a beating you have earned by doing wrong. These two hell bound demons deserve everything they have received and more.

I will continue to mete out the punishment they deserve and make no apology for it..

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