This devout and holy priest passed into eternity in 2002. His name was Father Ivo Sivric and he is genuine hero to the cause of history.

History is replete with examples of revisionists who like to ignore (or even change) historical facts to support a false narrative.

No institution has been more victimized by demonization through historical revision than the Holy Catholic Church.

Sadly, some of the most vicious and evil attacks have come from so-called Christians and even so-called Catholics.

Among the horrible crimes perpetrated by so-called Catholics against Holy Mother Church are the open promotion of infanticide, sickly disguised as choice, the promotion of gay marriage and sex crimes against children and the open peddling of superstition, slander and naked attacks on the legitimate sanctity and authority of the Magisterium.

Focusing for a moment on the last 3, it would be harder to find 2 more guilty perpetrators than these two demonic frauds.

Their open contempt for Pope Francis, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and countless Bishops, Priests and Holy men is a scandal and it is quite obvious that the devil has full possession of their wicked hearts in true Judas-like fashion.

Not only are countless condemned events (like this one) openly promoted by the hell bound Carpenter (see here), Hartley has been downright perverse in his open defense of this sickly defiant behavior.

Among their countless heresies, these are truly 2 sick and evil human beings who have openly attacked Bishops and defied the Pope and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Apparently, Donald Hartley is determined to send himself to hell for the so-called "lady" of Medjugorje (pictured below)

and is willing to lie about everything having to do with that 4-time condemned event.

Sadly for him, you have heroes like Father Sivric who documented verbatim the actual words and events of those early days- words and events that prove the demonic and diabolical nature of this fraud. I spent more than $100 for the joy and privilege of utterly humiliating these 2 clowns.

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