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As a man I once considered a friend closer than a brother continues his baseless and irrational attacks on me, He is only succeeding in demonstrating his own mental instability. Saboteur, thief, anticatholic and Satan are among the equally colorful and irrational epithets he has hurled at me. I am actually starting to feel sorry for him more than anything else.

True. My anger has gotten the best of me.

True. I have fallen into the use of some off-color language I'm not proud of.

True. I have confessed those two things and other faults in tears. I will be the first to admit that I am having a hard time conquering me..... In fact, a really hard time.

There are friends and then there are close friends. Then there are friends that are closer than friends. There are friends you would take a bullet for. In my case, a friend who you spend 20 hours creating a tribute to. A friend you confide your most painful struggles with. A friend you pray for and call each day when he has been struck by a medical emergency. A friend you share your faith with, the entire purpose and meaning for your life.

That's who Donald Hartley was to me. Rather, that's who I thought He was.

Jesus had a friend like that too. A man He chose to be a disciple. A man who ate the sacred bread with Him and gave Him the kiss of honor.....

as he was betraying Him.

Tradition has it that the truth of the Eucharist was the reason for Judas betraying Jesus. I have no reason to doubt this. Truth is also the reason Donald Hartley has betrayed me. Plain truth, undeniable truth, unassailable truth.

The plain truth is of a smaller and larger picture having to do with alleged private revelations and our responsibility as Catholics in this regard. The first truth is that Donald Hartley cannot accept that he has been spending more than 30 years defending a lie. The lie that has been refuted by Bishops by a count of 23-0. The lie that has been shredded by some of the most competent Catholic apologists of our time- Michael Davies, E. Michael Jones, Patrick Coffin and Donal Foley to name a few. A lie destroyed by the home town priest who transcribed the actual messages and wrote a 600+ page book detailing the fraud in explicit detail.

It was the methodical details brought to us by the late Father Ivo Sivrick (left) that caused impeccable Historian Donal Foley to detail the fraud in a book with more than 100 footnotes.

Eminent Catholic Answers apologist Patrick Coffin assisted in this noble endeavor.

The writings of Father Sivrick and Donal Foley, the videos of Coffin and Jones, the testimony of former Mostar Bishops Pavio Zanic and Ratko Peric and the current Bishop Petar Palic and- ultimately- the plain public record- led me to the unmistakable truth.

The alleged apparitions of Mary in Medjugorje were (and are) an absolute fraud. It is just a fact and frankly, I do not understand how anyone could even argue the point. The video below, for example, proves it beyond even a sliver of the possibility of a doubt.

I came to this conclusion not because I had an agenda- I certainly did not. I came to this conclusion not because I wanted to hurt my friend. Far from it.

I came to this conclusion because Medjugorje is a fraud. It's a fact. The evidence proves it beyond a shadow of a shadow of a doubt and that is just all there is to it. Father Shannon Collins sums it up perfectly in the following video. If you wish to be brief. watch from 1:10- 9:50

It must be understood that I realized that I put off far far too long, investigating the full truth of Medjugorje. Ironically enough, it was John Carpenter himself who first convinced me this event is utter blasphemy by going on and on about how the blessed Mother of Jesus was literally stained with the filthiness of sins of the visitors to the apparition site.

May God have mercy on CARPENTER'S soul for participating in the dissemination of such filth and blasphemy against Our Blessed Lady. I did not create Deeper Truth for it to be used to desecrate the Mother of Jesus. It was at that moment when I realized what a horrible, despicable human being John Carpenter is and that I had a duty to get to the bottom of the truth of this situation.

I have gone through hundreds of pages by respectable sources and watched hours of video. The case against this abomination is absolutely airtight and that is why, after 40+ years, it has never received any approval of any kind.

I offer as proof, the 2 videos above which no sane or decent human being could watch and still support this travesty.

I found myself in a very, very difficult position. I had a brother-in-Christ who was deeply emotional invested in this farce but I knew that I agreed with Bishop Zanic exactly in saying that it would be the worst sin of my life to stand before God and claim that this is true.

I have shown the fraud video to many people who believed in Medjugorje and in every single case, with the exception of 2 people, they immediately repudiated Medjugorje and admitted the obvious- that it is a proven fraud.

The only 2 people to deny this undeniably truth are the two liars promoting it on Deeper Truth.

They are lying. They know they are lying. Everybody else knows the are lying.

When I dug deeper, I found out and proved that the lies of Carpenter are in the hundreds include more than a dozen false events that he is promoting in direct defiance of the church.

Rather than face the truth, and clean house, Hartley decided to support (as the Blessed Father calls her) The harlot who protects the serpent.

Thank God for the true apparitions of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima. Thank God for the Fatima center for bringing in this Holy Priest to protect us from the lies of evil men like John Carpenter and Donald Hartley.

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