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Were the investigations bogus? No question.

Was the 2020 election stolen from Trump?

Again, no question about it.

So, 2024 is about redemption right? After all, I just admitted that the 2020 defeat was not his fault, right?

For me, a fair assessment is not quite that simple.

On the one hand, what Trump did as a trade negotiator, what he did for energy independence, what he did for the economy, were accomplishments that cannot be overstated. On the other hand, his polarizing demeanor is why we lost the governorships in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin and his lack of political skill is why he got played into shutting down the economy. The shutdown of the economy on Trump's watch paved the way for the Democrats to steal an election.

In Retrospect, can I look at the 2016 Republican field and find someone who would have done better? Who is to say? Carly Fiorina is one I'm confident had the savvy. Ted Cruz too. Huckabee, maybe? It's all speculation.

The questions we have to ask ourselves seriously are 2.

Is Trump damaged goods? and Is there anyone in the potential 2024 field that is undeniable better? I believe the answer to both questions is clearly yes. The man we need handled the Covid situation far better than Trump and has been a model Chief Executive for the most important Battleground State- Florida. Unlike Trump, he can also run for 2 terms.

In my view, it would absurd not to nominate Ron Desantis. In fact, my Desantis 2024 bandwagon leaves tomorrow. Sorry, Donald.

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