Idol worshipper Hartley continues to run from genuine Catholics

In audio that was recorded in 2021, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (of the ACTUAL Blessed Virgin Mary), Reverened Father Shannon Collins called Medjugorje an obvious fraud and the so-called "lady" of Medjugorje an idol and a harlot. These comments are very accurate.

This video (From the website Sensus Fidelium) contains the entire homily.

The language is an obvious allusion to Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 and "The Great Harlot" condemned for Idolatry and spiritual harlotry. The Harlot described in these passages is the city of Jerusalem and the good Father is not reinterpreting the verses to suggest otherwise. What he is doing is drawing some appropriate parallels between the 1st century believers who sold out to the idolatry of Jerusalem and the modern day heretics promoting the fraud in Bosnia.

The parallels are stark and damning to the Pro-Medjugorje cultists. The clearest parallel is in the fact that the overwhelming evidence was -then- against Jerusalem and is -now- against Medjugorje but the idol worshippers remained willfully blind in both cases. Even the word "Medjugorje" means "upon the mountains" or something to that effect. This is eerily reminiscent of the harlot sitting upon the mountains (Rev 17). Father Collins shows the parallels clearly because those who persist in promoting the evil that is happening in Medjugorje will meet the same fate.

First, let's take note of who this Priest is.

He is the Pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Covington, Kentucky. Obviously, you should remember this parish because of the bravery of Nick Sandman who was bullied at a Pro-Life march by miscreants and then by the national media.

Obviously, they are doing something right in the training of young Catholic men in this parish.

Father Collins is also one of the founding members of the Fathers of Mercy,

He has been a frequent guest on EWTN and his teachings are promoted across scores of Catholic platforms such as Sensus Fidelium and Lighthouse Catholic media. He is at the forefront of the Pro-life cause and a strong advocate of the Eucharist and the Latin form of the Mass.

In other words, this eminent padre is a giant in the worldwide Catholic church. This is why you cannot help but shudder when imbeciles like DH slander such devout paragons of our faith as unholy and members of the peanut gallery.

What makes this so comically ironic is that is that he does so while defending an irreverent pin head (photo left) who consistently tells enough lies to sink an aircraft carrier and has apparently never heard of modern marvels such as the internet, by which people can refute his lies within minutes.

Grasp this and you can only be incredulous. Here you have a brilliant, learned and holy priest like father Collins slandered by Hartley even as Hartley props up a lying neo-prot carpet bagger who cannot get even the most basic facts correct.

This is why Donald Hartley is terrified to debate me, make no mistake. He doesn't understand the material to an even basic degree. The only source he can rely is a psycho - therapist (hyphenation intended) who is just as lost, clueless and dishonest as himself. The problem Hartley has is that everyone else on the planet knows that Carpenter is a zero credibility meathead and have tuned him out. This is why Hartley won't face me. He can't. Hartley facing me in a debate would be like him bringing a butter knife when I have a machine gun.

Let's look a little deeper at this stem-winder of a homily from Father Collins. It is painfully clear that Donnie and Johnnie are way out of their league.

The way Father Collins takes the typological and eschatological Marian themes and uses them to dismantle this fraud in Bosnia is some of the most brilliant argumentation you will ever hear. I was easily the best debater Deeper Truth ever had but I must give an admiring bow to this defense of authentic Marian Catholicism and the true Blessed Mother. Father Collins shows that authentic apparitions must tie Genesis 3 and Revelation 12 together. Medjugorje rips them apart. The Woman who could not be stained by sin is replaced by the one blackened by sin. The Queen of Heaven is replaced by an on-call maid who responds to the time schedule of 6 millionaire narcissists.

What a contrast lying Johnnie Carpenter, in his journey with Satan series is to an actual Marian Catholic. The Real Mary teaches fidelity and obedience while lying Johnnie spends 50% of his time promoting false frauds the Catholic church threw in the garbage can. Instead of elevating Mary, this wolf in sheep's clothing blasphemes her in half his shows.

Let's look at the Homily.

First, it is by no accident that the Priest chose this day, of all days- the Immaculate Conception- to contrast She who was foretold in Scripture with the cheap demonic fake. The Lady of Genesis 3 who would have those holy and mighty feet. The feet that walked to the hill country to visit Elizabeth. The feet that scurried through Jerusalem looking for the 12 year old Jesus. The feet that walked the blood, tear and sweat stained path behind her tortured and dying Son. God put fear of those feet into the devil's heart and the devil knew those feet would crush his head. Father Collins seizes on this as a first and obvious proof of this despicable Medjugorje fraud.

This huge depiction of the Miraculous Medal, from the approved apparitions of Our Blessed Lady to Saint Catherine Laborie shows the real Mary- enemy of Satan, holy heel crushing his head. The image is located in- aptly enough- The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.

It is impossible to overstate how essential this crushing heel is- at least by inference- to every legitimate appearance of Mary. In fact, one of the absolute biggest historical apparitions in history was probably misnamed because a relative of Juan Diego misheard or misspoke the title.

While Guadalupe is what the relative was alleged to have heard and conveyed as the title of the Lady who miraculously appeared in Mexico in the 1500s.,This was immediately assumed to coincide with the city in Spain of the same name. However, more than one Catholic scholar has openly suggested that the Lady actually used the term Coatlaxopeuh (promounced Quat-la-supe). The pronunciations are similar enough to make this very plausible.

While a direct explanation of the use of Guadalupe is difficult to provide, the use of Coataxopeuh seems spot on. The term literally means She who crushes the Serpent's head.

Now consider an image of the so-called Lady of Medjugorje.

The feet are always covered. Why? Does the devil wish to hide his cloven hooves?

The lady of Medjugorje is literally the anti-Coataxopeuh. The lady of Medjugorje, as the brilliant Priest displays, is literally She who doesn't crush the head of the serpent. On that basis alone, we can agree with Bishop Zanic, Bishop Peric, the 19 Bishops of the Yugoslavian Bishops' commission, Vatican exorcist Bishop Gemma, Father Collins, Father Ivo Sivric. The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, Father Mitch Pacwa, eminent historian Donal Foley, and at least the last 2 (but likely 3) Popes, and virtually all of the former members and followers of Deeper Truth. Pope Francis said it plainly in 2017. This is not the Mother of Jesus.

This is not the Mother of Jesus.
~ Pope Francis, regarding the so-called lady of Medjugorje.

Sadly, for the pro-med cultist non-catholics, Father Collins is so much more exacting in his case and the Pro-Meds will not even attempt to refute it.

Lying Donald Hartley and his lying accomplice John Carpenter have been absolutely impotent in answering these very scathing, very specific, and very numerous bombs that blow this demonic hoax into utter smithereens. I will list them here so you can see, once again, the utter inability of these 2 clowns to respond to these facts- these proofs- that Medjugorje is a complete and utter fraud.

  • 1:15-1:27 Bishop Zanic was open to the claims until he interviewed the children and determined that the whole thing was a complete and utter hoax. 41 years later, no authoritative body of the catholic church has ever disputed that conclusion. The Ruini report is nothing more than a poorly written opinion piece that will never be accepted by the Vatican. It has no binding authority, whatsoever and anyone saying different is a liar. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 1:28-1:47 The passage of time has only solidified the proof of fraud. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 1:47-2:25 The idol of Medjugorje openly promotes the Masonic tenant of indifferentism by claiming that all religions are equal before God. (October 1st, 1981). Lying Donnie has oft repeated that Mary has never claimed this. I agree 100%! I never once suggested that Mary made this claim. Mary has nothing to do with Medjugorje and never has.

The lady (demon) of Medjugorje (who is absolutely not Mary) said this and Hartley is deliberately lying in denying it. The false lady of Medjugorje even said MUSLIMS were HER children. I actually agree with that too. Muslims ARE the children of the devil. The Bible (Genesis 3, Matthew 12, Revelation 12) are all very clear that only the true followers of Jesus are children of Mary. So, I follow the Mother of Christians- Mary. Hartley follows the Mother of Muslims- Satan. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 2:26- 2:47 The demon of Medjugorje claims God directs and leads all denominations. Absolute garbage! The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 2:48- 3:04 The harlot claims that an unbaptized idolatrous Muslim is the holiest person in the entire area of Medjugorje. How can this be without aid of the sacraments? The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 3:04- 3:42 In a dramatic departure from the real apparitions at Lourdes, the harlot of Medjugorje prays the sinner's prayer and asked that her sins be forgiven. BLASPHEMY! Hartley is an accomplice to this blasphemy by lying about it! The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 3:43- 4:11 The harlot of Medjugorje is apparently a protestant now, denying Mary's intercession and role as Mediatrix of all Graces. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 4:12- 4:29 The harlot of Medjugorje advocates universal or near-universal salvation, stating that nearly all souls today go to purgatory. This directly contradicts the Bible and the entire history of the catholic church that clearly states that few will be saved. I would also add that the purgatory described by the harlot of Medjugorje, and promoted by heretic John Carpenter, as a sort of gloomy, misty place is absolutely heretical too. The Bible claims that the souls in purgatory will be saved as through fire. 1 Corinthians 3:15. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 4:30- 4:41 The good father again makes the point that no Bishop, with the binding authority to rule on these events, has dissented from the view that nothing supernatural has ever happened at Medjugorje. EVER means not even in the fist 7 apparitions. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 4:42-5:09 The idol clearly prophesized the end of the messages after only 3 more times (July 3rd, 1981). This alone is proof they are false. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 5:10- 5:57 Bishop Palic, the current Bishop of Mostar, appointed by Pope Francis has stated that there have been no apparitions of Mary in Medjugorje. This is the 3rd consecutive Bishop to take this position, following Bishops Zanic and Peric as well as the National Commission of 1991. For those who are keeping score, that is at least 21 Bishops who were authorized to rule on this and not one has ruled in favor of this hoax. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 5:58- 7:15 Chief Vatican Exorcist Adreas Gemma publicly condemned the Medjugorje fraud as absolutely diabolical, controlled by the underworld and motivated by the devil's dung- money. The clearest proof of this is that none of the 6 hucksters have entered the religious life and all are filthy rich from the money they have fleeced from willing dupes like Hartley. I would add that the clearest proof that it's from the devil is the zombie-like cult following that supports it with hyper fanatical zeal. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 7:16- 7:38 Visionary spiritual advisor Father Vlasic excommunicated and Laisized for sins of impurity, promoting doubtful doctrines, manipulating the consciences of the young, mysticism and disobedience to lawful superiors. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 7:39-8:05 The so-called Gospa giggles and appears on-demand according to the whims of the Visionaries and cancels in a scheduling conflict. Utter blasphemy towards the Queen of Heaven! The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 8:06-8:22 The Gospa allows people to step on Her robe and stain her with their sins. Didn't you hear the rage of this Holy Man of God at this. Don Hartley and John Carpenter, how will you face God with this horror on your souls. How dare you cooperate in such a viscous attack on Our Holy Mother!? You should be ashamed of yourselves. My Mother Mary could NEVER be stained by sin! You are following a demon! The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

  • 8:23- 8:34 The Idol of Medjugorje nearly dropped the Baby Jesus!...and Don Hartley calls this Mary! He should have his tongue cut out for such blasphemy! The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

Father Collins spells it out so clearly. I serve the Lady who crushes the head of the Serpent. Don Hartley and John Carpenter serve the serpent himself. I count at least 16 specific proofs. The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary.

It's no wonder Hartley is terrified to debate me. I am eviscerating him in different platforms. Can you imagine how badly I'd shred him if he couldn't run?

The harlot of Medjugorje is not Mary. and everyone knows it.

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