Ask yourself these questions about Donald Hartley- The Catholic Pretender.

All one has to do with Donald Hartley, the Catholic Pretender, is ask yourself some very prescient questions having to do with his behavior. These are questions he cannot answer and won't try to.

but YOU can......

When you do, you will see why people unanimously recognize me- not him- as The Catholic Defender.

The incredible outpouring of support I have received, coupled with Hartley's monumental meltdown have proven a few things. Let's go over them. Make you can pose these questions to big mouthed Donnie and see if you are satisfied with his responses.

First Question.

Here is a 2 hour video with Gregory Thompson in which I painstakingly built an insurmountable case against John Carpenter and Don Hartley and proved blatant lying, slander (including against 2 Bishops in Good standing), and the open and scandalous promotion of numerous false and condemned events. In invite you to watch the whole video when you can.

Until you can, simply listen from 2:35 in to 3:40 in.

Then ask yourself why Donald Hartley refuses to publicly respond to Mr. Thompson's challenge. It seems clear enough. I made my case complete with documented facts. Why won't Donald?

The truth is that the issues directly related to Medjugorje account for only about 1/4 of the issues raised. The first 75%, Donald won't respond to- at all. In the the remaining 25%, Donald only responds by doubling down on the same lies, and false and irrelevant claims he has reiterated before. At no point, has Hartley even attempted to counter the meticulously documented facts I have presented. Why is this?

Second Question

Why is Donald so afraid of debating me if he thinks he is right?

Have you ever seen such a brazen example of cowardice in your life???

What is he afwaid of. Is the wittle fella afwaid I'm gonna hurt his wittle feewings?

Yet, he keeps posting about me and taking juvenile shots. Apparently, Donnie doesn't want his arguments exposed to someone who, unlike him:

  1. Actually knows the facts

  2. Is a superior debater

In other words.....

Is Donnie afraid of getting exposed in a public forum where he can't run from all the questions he cannot answer?

Third Question

Why is literally no one outside of his worldwide audience of 6 people defending him? Even among those 6, the only charge they could bring against me was that calling him a coward (albeit more colorfully) was disgusting. Conceding that my language got a bit off-center and setting aside whether or not it is accurate, ask this:

Why has Deeper Truth lost literally hundreds of supporters and followers as a result of this and the number of people publicly defending Donnie is ZERO?

Fourth Question

Why is Donald Hartley publicly slandering good Catholic men who have done nothing to him?

Is this what a Catholic would do?

Bishop Zanic, after (correctly) ruling that the Blessed Virgin Mary has not so much as spent a second in Medjugorje, is slandered by Hartley as having caved to the communists. This is an outrageous calumny against this Holy man. Does Hartley have any evidence? Of course not.

Bishop Peric came to the same conclusion but took it farther, saying (correctly) that the Supernatural claims surrounding Medjugorje have been disproven. Hartley claims this Holy and longstanding Bishop did not believe Mary has ever appeared anywhere even Fatima or Lourdes.

This is of course another baseless claim.

Patrick Coffin, former Chief Apologist at Catholic Answers and Donal Foley, accomplished author and meticulous researcher were the next to be slandered by the evil Hartley. The first for questioning a schizophrenic report that the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith wanted to rip to shreds and the second for his incredibly researched works proving the fraudulence and undeniable occultist foundations of the so-called apparitions in Medjugorje.

Hartley has called these two devout men "Unholy"

So, ask yourself how two devout Catholics are called Unholy for producing a fact-based accounting of the truth behind a publicly condemned private revelation?

Was Bishop Andrea Gemma, Chief Vatican Exorcist Unholy for calling Medjugorje Absolutely Diabolical? Of course not..... because it is.

Fifth Question

Why does Donald Keep lying about me? Everyone on planet earth knows he was 9,000 miles away when I founded Deeper Truth, more than a year before we even met. Everyone knows that I have never once said the Blessed Virgin is a demon.

Ask yourself why Donnie keeps making these attacks safely on his own blog.

We all know why.

Donnie and Johnnie have an agenda. These two little boys have been caught. Books written, shows produced. Filled to the hilt with lies. They can't debate me because they will lose so they remain behind the lines-like the cowards they are- desperately throwing mud hoping either something will stick or I will just go away.

Ask them to try and convince you otherwise.

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