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Dr. Greg,

You have seen the arguments and you have all you need to make a just judgement of the facts. Before you and before God, I accuse myself of having done a terrible job of controlling my emotions and of having used some very inappropriate language. I am sadly still stuck in the human condition, wrestling to overcome it by God's amazing Grace. You should see in me nothing disingenuous. I am what I claim to be- a repentant and struggling sinner.

I have stated my side quite honestly. Now let's look at the other side and the case I have laid out against Donald Hartley and John Carpenter.

I have accused them of Formal heresy by the deliberate and open promotion of private revelations that have been publicly condemned by local Bishops and/or the Vatican. "Our Lady of All Nations" (Amsterdam) is one of the more egregious examples.

You cannot stand before God and deny that I have overwhelmingly proven them guilty on this charge. They have made no secret about the promotion of the following:

  • Amsterdam- condemned by the Bishops and the Vatican

  • Garabandal- condemned by the Bishops and the Vatican

  • Luzon, Phillipines- condemned by the Bishops

  • San Damiano, Italy- condemned by the Bishop.

  • Necedah, Wisconsin- condemned by the Bishop

  • Naju, South Korea- condemned

  • Medjugorje, Bosnia- condemned by 23 Bishops of Jurisdiction.

Sadly, this is not an exhaustive list

There is no protestation of innocence or ignorance that they can make. I have shown them, from impeccable Catholic sources that every one of these events has received a Negative Judgement from the Bishops and not one of those negative judgements have been set aside by Vatican. In fact, in the entire history of the Catholic church, the Vatican has never overturned the Negative Judgement of a Bishop on a Marian event.

I have also proven- according to the defined Vatican norms for the assessment of private revelations- (that I sent you) and via other impeccable Catholic sources (Rev. Peter Joseph on the "Miracle Hunter" for example), that the Bishop's judgement is the final word and must be obeyed under penalty of mortal sin and excommunication and even the laicizing of clergy. This last and severe remedy was imposed in San Damiano, Italy and also in Medjugorje. In Medjugorje, 4 Catholic Priests from the very inner circle of the visionaries were defrocked, excommunicated and exiled. This included their spiritual advisor and the sins included adultery, molestation, teaching heretical doctrines and conjuring up evil spirits.

Further, I have proven that Donald Hartley's contention that they will bow to the final decision of the Vatican is a lie because even the Vatican has publicly condemned the Amsterdam and Garabandal events yet Carpenter and Hartley still promote them and lie about them.

Again, these facts are proven and are undisputed contributions to the public record.

You cannot stand before God and dispute one word of what I have just cited.

Further, I have proven on multiple occasions that Hartley and Carpenter have knowingly and with full and deliberate consent, made and repeated these vicious and easily disproven claims with the full intent to mislead and slander:

  • That Our Blessed Mother is documented to have appeared almost 2700 times. (The actual number is 25)

  • The the Vatican has approved (or even partially approved) the Medjugorje events.

  • That there are proven miracles and cures from Medjugorje.

  • That Donald Hartley is the founder of Deeper Truth

  • That the Vatican is playing "wait and see" on Garabandal

  • That the honorable Bishop Paveo Zanic turned against the Medjugorje events because of communist pressure.

  • That Bishop Ratko Peric was stripped of the Medjugorje investigation because he opposed all apparitions (2 lies there, not just one)

Further, I have proven that Hartley and Carpenter are on record saying they do not have to abide by the decisions of the Bishops.

Further, I have proven that Hartley and Carpenter have publicly- and without any justification- publicly defamed the names, reputations, teachings and words of the following prominent persons of impeccable character with such epithets as "Unholy" and "Peanut Gallery"

  • His Eminence Bishop Andreas Gemma former Chief Vatican exorcist.

  • Respected catholic historian Donal Foley

  • The late rev. Father Ivo Sivrick

  • Rev. Father Shannon Collins

  • Rev Father Peter Joseph

  • Former Catholic Answers chief apologist Patrick Coffin

Once again, standing before God you must confess that I have proven every word that I have just stated.

In the interest of time, and the attempt to conquer my own pride, I will not even raise the multiple additional slanders against myself. I really do not have to. These 2 miscreants have shown they have no class, no integrity and no credibility.

The record, sir speaks for itself and you have no choice but to repudiate these 2 and sever any apostolatic relationship with them, lest you become stained by their sin and refusal to repent.

Yours in Christ,

John Benko

The Real catholic defender

The Real founder of Deeper Truth.

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